White Persephone Pants – yes or no?

White pants. Dream or doom? I love white pants on others and have always dreamt of having a pair. One step closer to my dream style and wardrobe. But how long will they remain white? Is this just a pipe dream?

Who knows, but I finished them and I am happy with how they look and fit. I made my pants! These are not the first pants I made (I already blogged about first Persephone’s here) but when you get used to making something and it starts being the norm you forget to celebrate it and stepping back to think – I made these freaking pants! Not many people can say that and I always love how well I know my clothes – from materials, construction, the thread I used, steps I did to get to the finish line and how each and every garment has an origin story I was part of from start to finish. Does that not make it even more special? I think it does and I wanted to tell that to myself today.


So, white pants. A good idea? No idea, but let’s try it. I will probably not ever feel 100% secure sitting in them just for the phobia I will sit on something and get them dirty, even if I am in a totally safe indoor environment. But I am pushing myself to do what I want and live my life how I want and if one small step of wearing white pants will get me there than that one small step in white pants will be a big step in getting my butt where I want it to be 😀


Sewing has opened a new world to me, not only in craft and knowledge I did not have before but in freeing my mind and allowing me to wear colour first and now white. I never wore either in my teenage years. It was too visible and too out there for me. But I learned that wearing the garments I create makes me feel more confident. And I like that. So white pants it is. I just hope I won’t be too conscious of being in white pants, although I understand some settling in will have to happen in the beginning.


Pattern and Construction

Now for the technical part of it all. The pattern is the Persephone Pants by Anna Allen Clothing. I already used this pattern before and this is my 5th pair, so I was confident in constructing them. The only difference this time was that I used stretch denim. This pattern is drafted for non-stretch fabrics, so using stretch meant I had to think about what size to make it in. I made my earlier pants in size 2 in the waist and grading to 4 in the hips, although this changed a bit with each pair I made. Here I knew I would have some gapping or just bad fit if I went with the same size so I decided to construct them in the smallest size available (this meant going one size down in waist and two in the hip). In the end, this did end up being a bit too tight so I made the seam allowance smaller in the inner leg seam by 0.5 cm. This gave me more room and now they are tight but comfortable.


The construction of this pattern is straightforward and it was the first pants pattern I ever made that was successful. So if you are reading this and are thinking of making a pair for the first time – go for it. There is nothing to lose but a few hours that will teach you a lot in the long run. The pattern instructions are great and with illustrations, you can make these pants with no problem. If  I did it so can you.



The fabric is the 10oz Cone Mills S-gene stretch denim in white from Threadbare Fabrics my sister got me when she was in the US a while ago. It is a great fabric but be ready it will show every bump (but also almost every pair of underwear in your wardrobe). I have to see how to wear these bad boys or I have to get an invisible pair of underwear – do these exist? It is not really see-through but it is a white fabric after all. I was inspired by Charlie and Beck to use this fabric and basically copied them all the way. Thank you, ladies, for all the inspiration!


And one last thing I adore about these is I got to sneak some colour in after all – with buttons hidden in the fly! They are all the same size as required in the pattern but they are all different colors and were left all alone in my button stash. So it was ideal to use them in this project and do a bit of stash busting – my favorite activity after sewing!


Overall I am in love with these pants and happy I pushed my self forward with getting a more stand out piece into my wardrobe. I am now off to see how long I can go without getting coffee, food or mud on them. Wish me luck!


Thank you for reading!




Wool Flint pants / Vunene Flint hlače – by Megan Nielsen


This is my 5th pair of Flint pants! As you can tell I LOVE this pattern. It is so cool and modern with just the right amount of details. As I made this pair in a stripe fabric I played with it to create more details but they are still subtle and do not overwhelm.


Ovo je peti par Flint hlača koje sam napravila! Kao što vidite VOLIM ovaj kroj. Tako je kul i moderan s odlično doziranom količinom detalja. Pošto sam ovaj par napravila u prugastoj tkanini napravila sam neke dodatne detalje tako da sam se poigrala s prugama.

I made a contrasting hem detail and also changed the direction of stripes at the pockets. I really like these details and the amount of fun you can have with stripes. You can tune it to your needs and go all stripe clashing or do as little as possible and let the stripes talk for themselves. I like both options depending on the pattern and fabric.
The fabric is a wool suiting I got at a local store and it is just yummy! I saw Flint pants in my head the moment I saw the fabric on the shelf. They are warm and perfect for this time of year. The fabric frayed, so I zigzagged all edges to keep it from making a total mess in my sewing corner. This is maybe the most work appropriate pair of Flints I have. I always wanted to have a pair of pants in wool suiting and these may not be my last. Sewing makes dreams come true and that is THE BEST! I have styled them here with a Named Clothing Paola turtleneck tee in grey polka dot Ponte di roma I blogged about before here.

Napravila sam kontrastni rub s drugačijim smjerom pruga. Isti detalj napravila sam i na džepovima. Jako mi se sviđaju ti detalji i koliko je zabavno igrati se s raznim opcijama koje su moguće s prugama. Možete se odlučiti za maksimalni prugasti kontrast ili napraviti samo sitne detalje, kako vam odgovara. Meni je oboje super, ovisno o kroju i tkanini.
Koristila sam vunenu tkaninu koju sam nabavila u lokalnom dućanu Svijet Tkanine. Čim sam vidjela tkaninu, u glavi mi se pojavila slika Flint hlača sa svim detaljima. Tkanina je topla i odlična za par zimskih hlača. Razmrsila se na rubovima pa sam ih sve odmah porubila s zigzag šavom da mi nebi nastao kaos i nered u sobi koji bi kasnije morala čistiti. Ovo su vjerojatno „najposlovije“ hlače koje imam. Oduvijek sam htjela imati vunene hlače i ove vjerojatno neće biti zadnje. Šivanje ispunjava snove i to je NAJBOLJE IKAD! Ovdje sam ih iskombinirala s Paola dolčevitom u sivom džersej polka dot materijalu (kroj od Named Clothing) o kojoj sam pisala ranije.

As I already wrote about these pants, I will shortly mention what I love about this pattern. They are easy to wear and are so comfortable. The wide leg is so IN right now and the fact that I can make them myself in any colour or print I want is just beyond cool. The pants have innovative closure on the side with a button and optional bow. I made all of mine with a bow. Because – bow! But I have seen other sewists making them in a sailor vibe with buttons and that looks great too. Maybe I will make sailor shorts for next summer to finally make a pair without the bow.


Pošto sam već pisala o ovom kroju, samo ću kratko spomenuti što sve volim kod njega. Hlače su jednostavne za nošene i tako su ugodne. Šire nogavice su sad u modi i činjenica da ih sama mogu napraviti u boji i uzorku koji zaželim je više nego kul. Zatvaraju se na inovativan način na strani s gumbom i mašnom (mašna po izboru). Ja sam sve svoje do sad napravila s mašnom. Jer – mašna! Ali vidjela sam puno Flint hlača koje su druge cure napravile s mornarskom vibrom bez mašne i super izgledaju. Možda bi mogla napraviti kratke mornanske hače za iduće ljeto bez mašne da imam i nešto malo drugačije.

Fabric and button / tkanina i gumb

Thank you for reading!

Hvala na čitanju!





A symphony of a dream outfit with Persephone pants – pattern by Anna Allen Clothing

I made a dream outfit which makes me smile like a dork. Persephone pants, Burda style magazine shirt and Gaia coat. I already blogged about the coat here, so I will not write much about it now, accept that I love it more than I love chocolate.


Napravila sam outfit iz snova zbog kojeg se cerim kao bedak. Persephone hlače, Burda košulja i Gaia kaput. O kaputu sam već pisala ovdje, pa sada neću pisati o njemu osim što ću napomenuti da ga volim više od čokolade.

The perfect outfit/ savršeni outfit

I was eyeing the Persephone pants pattern by Anna Allen for a long time now but kept away from purchasing it. I have few other pants patterns similar to it in my stash already, so didn’t think I really needed this one. But I had terrible luck with all these other patterns and could not fit any of them. I was already close to crying. So I thought this one might be my light at the end of the tunnel since everyone was praising about it over on Instagram. So I did, I bought it and I am never going back. The fit is spot on and I am finally releasing all the frustration from other failed attempts of fitting pants. I made two muslins and decided the fit is perfect with size 2 at the waist graded to size 4 at hips. I also took the back seam in by 0.5 cm in because there was a bit of access fabric. I made the real thing out of 8oz denim from Minerva crafts. The denim tends to give with wear so maybe for my next denim pair I will size down to size 2 in hips and see how that woks. They fit fine but are a bit baggy after few wears. Nothing that would stop me from wearing them, just something that will help me make the second version better.


Gledala sam kroj za Persephone hlače od Anna Allen dugo vremena, ali sam se suzdržavala od kupovine. Imam već nekoliko sličnih krojeva, pa nisam mislila da ne trebam i ovaj kroj. Ali sam s drugim krojevima imala loše iskustvo s podešavanjem tako da niti jedan kroj nije zaživio u formi hlača. Već sam bila na rubu suza. I onda sam pomislila da bi možda ovaj kroj mogao biti svijetlost na kraju tunela, obzirom da ga svi hvale na Instagramu. I jesam, kupila sam ga i više se neću vraćati nazad. Pristaju mi kao salivene i napokon otpuštam frustraciju koju sam nakupila iz svih promašaja s drugim krojevima. Napravila sam dvije testne verzije i vidjela da mi paše veličina 2 u struku prošireno na veličinu 4 u kukovima. Dodatno sam unjela stražnji šav za 0.5 cm da se riješim viška tkanine u tom području. Hlače sam napravila u 8oz traperu iz Minerva crafts dućana. Traper se širi s nošenjem pa možda za idući par ostanem u veličini 2 i u kukovima. I ovako dobro pristaju samo se s nošenjem malo razvuku. Ništa što bi me spriječilo da ih nosim, ali nešto što će mi pomoći kod izrade idućeg para da budu još bolje.

I also used a memade clay button / iskoristila sam i svoj keramički gumb

The reason I am pointing at the button above is because it is memade out of clay and I blogged about that process here.


Razlog zašto pokazujem na gumb je taj što sam i njega napravila od keramike, a o tome sam ranije pisala ovdje.

2nd muslin

To be open and not talk about successes only, I did make a mistake while sewing. I was so thrilled on finishing them and when I had one last button to go at the waist I went in and sewed the buttonhole only to realise I did in on the wrong side of the waist (part of waist where the button goes). Thankfully, this mistake did not mean I had too many reparations to do, or better yet, any at all (good thing is I did not cut into the buttonhole yet!). I only put the button over it and sewed a new buttonhole on the top side of the waistband. This means that now if you look closely, like in the picture bellow, you can see part of that useless buttonhole, but as it would be weird for anyone to look that closely there, I think I am fine.


Da budem skroz iskrena i ne pišem samo o uspjesima, na hlačama sam napravila jednu vidljivu grešku. Bila sam toliko uzbuđena da ih dovršim i kada sam bila na zadnjem gumbu sašila sam rupu za gumb i shvatila da sam ju uspjela našiti na krivoj strani pojasa (donji dio pojasa na koji ide gumb).  Srećom nisam već zarezala u rupu pa nisam trebala ništa prepravljati, već sam samo našila gumb preko toga. Rupu za gumb sam našila na drugu stranu pojasa i ta da. Kad se bolje pogleda vidi se beskorisna rupa za gumbe s donje strane pojasa (na slici dolje), ali kako nitko normalan neće s pretjeranom pozornošću gledati u taj predio hlača mislim da sam ok.

or maybe you cannot see it in this picture after all 🙂 / ili ipak ne možete vidjeti tu grešku ni na ovoj slici 🙂

The Burda style shirt is from magazine issue 4/2018. The pattern is actually a jumpsuit, but I hacked it into a shirt. The jumpsuit looks perfect though, so I might do that one as well at one point. The pattern has many lovely details and when I saw Vesna of @kelerabeus make the jumpsuit I was determined to make it as well. Fabric restrictions made me stick to the shirt only, but I love it. The pattern has double sleeve action which caught my eye straight away. I scratched my head a lot with this one (as I always do with Burda), so Vesna was so great to help and send me her version of Serbian instructions, because the German ones were not cutting it. Thank you Vesna!


Košulja je iz Burda časopisa broj 4/2018. Originalno je to kroj za kombinezon, ali sam ga izradila kao košulju. Kombinezon je odličan, pa u nekom trenutku možda i njega napravim. Kroj ima odlične detalje i kada sam vidjela Vesnin (@kelerabeus) kombinezon znala sam da ga i ja želim. Kako sam bila ograničena s količinom materijala napravila sam košulju, ali sam prezadovoljna. Kroj ima dupli rukav koji me odmah privukao. Ovaj kroj me dosta izazvao s uputama (kao i svaki drugi Burdin kroj), ali je Vesna super i poslala mi je srpsku verziju uputa, pošto mi njemačke upute jednostavno nisu bile od nikakve koristi. Hvala Vesna!

The fabric I used is a viscose with small polka dots I got at a local shop. It is a great option for the double sleeve. It pairs well with jeans and it was meant to be worn with denim Persephone pants, at last in my opinion. What do you think?


Tkanina je viskoza sa sitnim točkicama, a nabavila sam ju u lokalnom dućanu. Viskoza je odlična opcija za ovaj dupli rukav. Super je u kombinaciji s trapericama i stvorena je za Persephone hlače, barem po mojem mišljenju. Što vi mislite?

Thank you for reading!

Hvala na čitanju!


In The Folds meets Peppermint Magazine: the review of Wide Leg Pants and Ruffle Sleeve top patterns

I would like to start by saying that these two patterns are free. We all love free stuff, but when someone puts so much good work into it I am really grateful they are free and considering that they are both so well drafted. They are In the Folds patterns after all.

The patterns are available through the Peppermint Magazine. I knew they were free but always assumed you needed some subscription to the magazine to get the patterns for free. But no people, they are free for you to go over there and get them! Wowzers!


So lets start with the pants. I have a feeling you want to read about them first.

They are high waisted wide-leg pants that are so in fashion right now. They have a zip fly, big front pockets and you can make them in all sorts of hem lengths. I made mine in brown 100% linen fabric from a local store bought recently. This maybe was one of the fastest transitions from 2D fabric to 3D garment in my sewing room – only about a week!

Based on the finished garment measurements I cut size B in the waist and sized up to C in hips and the fit is great.

Me: Gala, camera is the other way; Gala: why are we standing here?


The pattern instructions did have mistakes and were confusing in some parts, but overall are clear and easy to follow. Some pattern pieces are connected wrong to the instructions. For example, when you have to insert the zip fly cover it uses the name of that pattern piece but the number in the bracket that points you to the pattern piece is of the zip fly which is a different pattern piece. I have to mention at this point that this was my first time sewing any sort of fly and yes, it was confusing, but reading it over few times and with help of the pictures within instructions (which are correct) I figured it out and made perfectly good looking fly. If you have a fly under your belt from any project before you should have no problem. Just give yourself the time to go through the instructions before sewing these steps. And remember you got the pattern for free.

The pattern has no mistakes and is drafted beautifully. The fit is great! I made the pattern as is without any modifications and chose my size based on the finished garment measurements.


no Gala, we are pretending to walk this way!


These are the second pair of pants I ever made. First pair were the Megan Nielsen Flint pants which have a looser crotch fit, so I was worried these might need some more work. But they fit perfectly. Now I am on my third pants pattern and it is the Lander pants from True Bias. Just for reference for those who made the later, I will need to make adjustments there because the crotch curve is killing me (yeah, not comfortable and sitting is out of the question). So you can sort of imagine the crotch situation relation between the patterns. The crotch curve on the Wide-Leg Pants is bigger by about 1 centimetre on the front leg piece and by about 2 centimetres on the back leg piece for my size. So that makes a total of 3 centimetres which may not sound much but we all know what a difference that makes.


Front pockets are roomy and big enough to hold you phone and more. Perfect! They are not the comfiest to hold your arms in but I think that was not the idea behind the design anyway so I can not blame that on the pattern.




The zip fly came easily together. I already mentioned the problematic instructions, but it is an easy straightforward process with many steps. If you follow them and make one by one you end up with a zip fly that works as it is supposed to. And boy am I proud of that one!




The pants come with a curved waistband. I always wanted to try that but so far all patterns I used had straight waistbands. The curved one sits so much better with no gaping in the back or anywhere else. Maybe the straight waistband would also be fine as the pants are high waisted and they sit on my waist, but I like this better. I am happy I now have a curved waistband I can use on other pant patterns in the future and not having to draft my own. It is not hard, but it is so much easier when you do not have to. One thing to note is that there is mention of fusing the waistband at the beginning as part of the suggested cutting plans, but no mention of it in the later sewing steps. For me that means it is easy to skip it as I rarely go through cutting plans and I only later saw it was mentioned there. I did not put and interfacing in. I thought about adding it on my own and can not really say anything in my defence about why I did not, but hopefully it will not stretch out (considering it is not straight but curved). I wore it several times already in the first week of making it and it is fine. But for the next pair I would add it just to be on the safe side. Plus you definitely add to the longevity of the pants that way so I would recommend it (even to my old self).


There are no back pockets on the pattern and I like it that way. It would be easy to add them but I prefer the clean look without them.


look at her playing along with me! 🙂



I did not play with the hem length and made it as per pattern. I think it goes great with sandals and is that ‘long-but-not-long’ length while still escaping far enough from the ‘do you have a flood at home’ length. I think shorts would look great as well so I might go and make myself a pair.





Now lets talk about the Ruffle Sleeve Top. The pattern is so lovely and I have not came across any mistakes within instructions for this one. Also, the pattern comes with instructions for french seams! I love that! That is also one of the things I always wanted to try but never did (I should get better at doing things I want with my sewing). So, when it was part of instructions I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try it out. I love it and I can now say I will definitely use that method for any garments with flowy light fabrics that require that kind of treatment. There are even instructions to french seaming the armholes!




I used a cotton fabric for this one so that kind of finish maybe is not the best as it did bulk a bit in places, but not too much. I am still happy I french seamed it all instead of zig zaging my brains out. Well, I guess I was tired by the end and forgot to french seam between the arm and ruffle, but maybe better because of the bulk issue. All hems were turned two times by about 1 cm and sewed with straight stitch.

The fit is great in the shoulders and bust area and then it flares out which is the best for a summer outfit. The only alteration I made was making the bust darts longer by about 8 centimetres (!) because originally they (sadly) did not even reach my bust. But that is the easiest alteration there is and with it the fit is great.





I can really recommend both of these patterns and I would happily use both of them again. I keep imagining all the colourful fabrics I can use for them. All the plain colourful pants of the rainbow and print crazy tops in the flowiest of fabrics – the dream!




I’m telling you, this dog doesn’t get it


Thank you for reading!


Vietnam handmade holiday wardrobe – PART 2 / Ručno izrađena garderoba za putovanja – DIO 2

In my last blog post I talked all about the me made tops I brought on the trip with me to Vietnam. Now let’s take a look at the bottoms.

From me mades I brought one skirt and one pair of shorts.


U zadnjem blog postu sam pričala sve o majicama koje sam napravila i nosila na put u Vijetnam. Sada ću ispričati sve o šosu i hlačama.

Od vlastitih uradaka nosila sam jedan šos i jedne kratke hlače.

me made skirt with top from the last post / šos u kombinaciji s majicom iz prethodnog posta

I made the skirt last year and it is a great travel piece. Easy to pack and does not wrinkle. Well, not a lot. The easiest skirt there is – gathered with elastic. And that green colour! It is so simple that there is really not much else to write about it. If you would be interested in a short tutorial on how to do this skirt just leave a comment bellow or send me a message.



Šos sam napravila prošle godine i pokazao se kao odličan komad za putovanja. Jednostavno ga je spakirati i ne gužva se. Mislim, ne jako. Najjednostavniji šos za napraviti – skupljen s elastikom. Toliko je jednostavan da se nema što više od ovoga napisati o njemu. Ako ste zainteresirani za mali tutorial kako napraviti ovakav šos samo ostavite dolje komentar ili pošaljite poruku.



The shorts are made from Flint pattern by Megan Nielsen. If you follow me here or on Instagram you probably already know about my love for this pattern. It was love at first sight and I can not get enough of it. I already have few fabrics ready to make more shorts before summer comes. Easy, fast and there is no zip! But there is a bow! The bow is optional but for me is more like mandatory as I just can not make a pair without it. I used fabric I got from a friend (it belonged to her grandma). It is a pale green linen and I had maybe a bit over a metre. I like the fact that you can get shorts from such small fabric piece. I see my stash getting smaller already!
And I used one of the me made ceramic buttons made in pottery class I did with my sister last year. That is always a plus in my book!


Kratke hlače sam izradila iz Flint kroja od Megan Nielsen. Ako pratite moj blog ili Instagram već ste mogli čuti o mojoj ljubavi prema ovom kroju. Bila je to ljubav na prvi pogled i ne mogu prestati šivati ga. Već imam par tkanina pripremljeno za nove hlače koje ću napraviti prije ljeta. Brzo, jednostavno i bez ciferšlusa! I sa mašnom! Mašna je samo opcija, ali za mene je obavezna jer ne mogu izraditi hlače bez nje. Tkaninu sam dobila od prijateljice (pripadala je njenoj baki). To je blijedo zeleni lan i imala sam možda malo više od metra. Sviđa mi se da se iz tako malo tkanine mogu dobiti kratke hlače. Već vidim kako mi se zalihe tkanine smanjuju!
Iskoristila sam i jedan keramički gumb koji sam sama izradila na tečaju keramike na koji sam išla sa sestrom prošle godine. To je uvijek dodatan plus!

Flint in another 100% me made holiday outfit / Flint u još jednoj u potpunosti ručno izrađenoj kombinaciji


me made clay button on a me made shorts paired with a me made top / keramički gumb na lanenim hlačama u kombinaciji s pamučnom majicom – sve sa sama izradila


I made another pair of Flints in a lightweight viscose. They were meant to be in the suitcase but they wrinkled like crazy and I just decided it would be too much to take them to only wear them once or twice. So they stayed ironed in my closet and are waiting for Croatian summer to happen so that is when I will blog about them as well, stay tuned!


Napravila sam i drugi par Flint hlača u laganoj viskoznoj tkanini. Ideja je bila da ću i njih ponijeti na put u Vijetnam, ali ipak nisam. Gužvale su se kao lude i shvatila sam da nema smisla nositi ih takve da bi ih tamo eventualno obukla dva puta. Pa su lijepo ispeglane ostale u ormaru gdje čekaju ljeto. Tada ću i pisati o njima, pa svratite pogledati!

little sneak peak of the viscose flints on the left / mali teaser za viskozne flint hlače na slici lijevo


I normally get really itchy to make and craft before going on a holiday and this time I took advantage of it and made garments I will be wearing soon when summer comes to this part of the world.


Obično me uhvati kreativa prije godišnjeg i ovaj put sam to iskoristila i napravila odjeću koju ću uskoro nositi kada ljeto dođe u ove krajeve.



A big thank you to my sister who I travelled with for being patient behind the camera :*

Puno hvala mojoj sestri s kojom sam putovala na strpljenju iza kamere :*


Thanks for reading!

Hvala na čitanju!



Me and Flint / Ja i Flint – pants pattern by Megan Nielsen

Today I will talk a little bit about my big love for the Flint pants pattern from Megan Nielsen. I fell in love with it when I first saw it, and I bought the pattern on the release date.


Danas ću malo pisati o velikoj ljubavi prema kroju hlača Flint od  Megan Nielsen. Čim je kroj objavljen zaljubila sam se u njegove linije i detalje i kupila ga na dan objave.


I made two cropped versions so far and I want to make more shorts for summer. The pattern is really easy to assemble. At first you might need some imagination regarding construction of the crossover closure, but when you make the first pair everything makes perfect sense. We are talking about pants with no zippers after all! The two closure options are either two buttons or a combination of a button and waist tie. A waist tie! I just love this details and as much as I believe in clean lines and minimalism on one hand I do not see myself making a pair without the bow. It is just too dang beautiful and different to skip.


Do sada sam napravila dvije duže verzije, ali i nekoliko kratkih hlača za ljeto je na listi želja. Kroj je vrlo jednostavan za izradu. Na prvu treba nešto mašte da bi shvatili kako se hlače zatvaraju u struku, ali kada izradite prvi par sve bude savršeno jasno. Ipak pričamo o hlačama bez ciferšlusa! Dvije opcije za zatvaranje hlača su dva gumba ili kombinacija gumba i mašne. Mašna! Toliko volim ovaj detalj i koliko god vjerovala u ljepotu jednostavnog dizajna i linija mislim da neću moći izraditi ovaj kroj bez mašne. Ipak je taj detalj nekako poseban. 

Their first outing at a wedding / njihov prvi izlazak na vjenčanju


Backstage view / pogled odostraga


Rust crepe version that does not look so rust in the pictures unfortunately / Hrđavo narančasta verzija koja nažalost ne izgleda toliko hrđavo narančasta na slikama

I made both versions is a crepe fabric and I love both colours. First pair I made was in a deep green medium weight crepe and the fabric is perfect for it. It has just the right weight to fall nicely and keep shape but also light enough to dance around you feet while moving. I love wearing them and how comfortable they feel.
The second pair is made in a lightweight rust coloured crepe. The colour s just beautiful and I was into it during fall when I was looking at copper like leaves all around. But the weight of the fabric means they swish around way more (like a no. 1 disco hit) and they do not hold the shape as good, specially around the hem. I have to admit that I do ship hand sewing finishes when I can use my machine, but it might have been a smarter move to do it the right way for this pair. The machine finish makes them look a bit like a home-made garment and not hand-made, which we all know is not the way to go. I might go back to that and revise it to make them a bit more presentable. But I still wear them and the bow looks spectacular in this fabric. Just saying.


Obje verzije sam napravila u krep tkanini i ne mogu se odlučiti koja boja mi je draža. prvi par sam napravila u tamno zelenoj krep tkanini srednje težine i to je odličan izbor za ovaj kroj. Tkanina ima točno pravu dozu težine tako da lijepo pada i pritom drži formu, ali u pokretu ipak pleše oko nogu. Volim ih nositi i toliko su ugodne.
Drugi par sam izradila iz laganog krepa u boji hrđe. To je bilo na jesen kada sam stalno bila okružena otpalim lišćem i ta boja mi nije izlazila iz glave. Kako je ova tkanina lakša hlače puno više plešu (kao najbolji disko hit) i zbog toga ne drže najbolje formu, pogotovo kod ruba. Moram priznati da kada postoji mogućnost završiti rub mašinom uvijek biram tu opciju ispred ručnog šivanja. Ali mislim da bi za ovaj par ručno šivanje bila sretnija opcija pa je to nešto čemu ću se možda ponovo vratiti i popraviti. To je razlog zbog kojeg ova verzija ispada više kao da je kućne izrade, a ne ručne izrade (što nije baš preporučeni recept za dobar stil). Ali svejedno ih nosim a mašna jednostavno izgleda spektakularno u ovoj tkanini. Samo kažem.


These were the first pants I ever made and I did not have to do any changes to the pattern. I think they are a great option for the first time pant makers out there since they are not overly fitted in the behind area. They are somewhat fitted in the waist with darts in the front and back and you can play with these to get them just right. They skim your hips like silk dreams and fall down. I think this is a very flattering look and great to learn the basic construction of pants before continuing with other more fitted patterns.


Ovo su prve hlače koje sam napravila i kroj nisam trebala dodatno prilagođavati. Mislim da je ovo odličan izbor za sve djevice po pitanju izrade hlača jer kroj nije uzak u stražnjem dijelu. Hlače su uske u području struka gdje ih lako možete oblikovati po svom tijelu, a lijepo padaju preko kukova. Ovo je odličan kroj za upoznavanje sa izradom i konstrukcijom hlača. 



They even make garages smile! / Čak izmamljuju osmijeh i na garažama!

I do get compliments when I wear them and funnily enough I was told that these pants are becoming my signature style. The truth is that all compliment go fast forward to Megan. So thank you Megan for jazzing up my style, it is much appreciated!


Dobila sam komplimente za ove hlače i čak mi je rečeno da su one postale moj potpis. Ali svo komplimenti idu ravno Megan za odličan kroj. Hvala Megan što si digla moj stil na viši nivo!



I will be making more shorts as well for the summer. The pattern can be made in one day, but me being not that fast when it comes to sewing I tend to do them in two or three afternoons. But shorts could be my do-it-in-one-day pattern. We shall see, I will report back.


Sašit ću i par kratkih hlača za ljeto. Hlače se mogu sašiti u jednom danu ali kako ja nisam najbrža po pitanju šivanja obično ih izradim u dva ili tri popodneva. Ali kratke hlače bi mogle biti brže i moj novi jednodnevni projekt. Izvještaj slijedi.



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