Adrienne Blouse – The Sleeve Heaven

In my opinion Adrienne blouse by Friday Pattern Company is your perfect every day blouse. Why, you might wonder. Well, first of all, it is some sort of a cheating blouse (and I say this in the best possible way) because it is designed for knit fabric meaning it is really comfy to wear. And then there are the sleeves. Sleeves have been a big thing last few years and this pattern sure has plenty of those.

I like the bodice on this pattern since it is slim yet comfortable and the neckline is really cool. I would recommend to use fabrics with right amount of stretch as suggested in the pattern. The first fabric I used is almost the correct stretch and I made it in the smallest size as per my measurements. It is comfortable to wear but I would prefer if I made it a larger size. Now it feels a bit too clingy and I would like to have a bit of ease in this area.  Not sure what the fabric is exactly (cotton jersey?) since I got it from a friend, but it looks as good quality. Of course I could have sized up and it would have been perfect. But, sometimes you just have to learn from your mistakes.

For my second version I used this lovely cubist jersey I bought from Minerva. Isn’t this fabric amazing? I had it for some time and was looking for the perfect dress pattern but then realized it would be better suited for a top and Adrianne blouse is the perfect match. I sized up for this version and I like it better this way. I love how this blouse looks with high waisted pants and It would also look really good with overalls.
Mental note: make overalls.

And of course, it is great for layering under dresses. I love any outfit I saw styled like this and this reminds me I should wear this more often. This way the sleeves really pop even more and make any outfit perfect.

Thank you for reading!


Black vs Yellow – The Blackwood cardigan; pattern by Helen’s Closet

Who doesn’t like cardigans? I wish I could knit and make all the dreamy cozy cardigans available to humans who know how to knit, but as I don’t I am settling for the ones I can sew. Thankfully, Helen designed the Blackwood cardigan to make a life for someone like me easier so I can still make my little heart happy and make what I imagine in my head a reality.


Blackwood Cardigan by Helen’s Closet comes in two variations but you can always play beyond limits and make it longer, shorter, wider, prettier, unique.  I made two very different cardigans from the same pattern and in the same type of fabric. One is long, dark, shielding. The other is short, bright, entertaining.


I love both black and colour at the same time. Black feels safe and powerful in its own way. I wanted to sew a long cardigan for a while and I finally made one. I went to a local store and got 2 meters of black Ponte di Roma fabric. I came home, prewashed it, cut it, sewed it, and voila!


I cut it out in a size M. I sized up from previous versions (I made my first two in lighter stretchier fabrics so it was fine to cut size S for them) and that was a good decision. I wanted a somewhat fitted but at the same time loose cardigan. Not sure if I pooled it off but I like it. I made the front band double the width, lengthened the whole thing by as far as I could to use up all the fabric I had, and shortened the sleeves by 3 or 4 cm as they are extra long, at least for my arms. I added pockets from version A, because – pockets!


Then I instantly felt I needed some colour on me, asap. So I went back to the cutting table and cut out a short version (variation A) in yellow Ponte di Roma fabric. With this version, I again cut the front band double the width, shortened the sleeves by 2 cm, and cut the sides of front and back straight (not curved as in the pattern). I wanted to see if this would give a looser (oversized?) feel. I have another precious fabric I want to sew into a cardigan and I was testing this option for it. If I decide I don’t like it I can easily take it in.


I like this shade of yellow. It really is a happy colour. I actually bought these two fabrics on the same day in the same shop with the idea to make the same pattern from them. Funny how different pattern variations and colours give a different feel to the whole outfit.



For those interested, you can see my first two versions here and here.

Thank you for reading,


Burda Style Achromatic Cardigan

I walked by a local fabric store one day and stopped in my tracks. There was this fabric in the window that called my name. It was modern yet somehow different, double-sided and so cool. It was black and white with many faces looking back at me.

Prolazila sam ispred lokalnog dućana s tkaninama jedan dan i zaustavila se na mjestu. U izlogu je bila tkanina koja me zvala. Bila je moderna, a opet nekako drugačija s duplom stranom i tako kul. Bila je crno-bijela i s puno lica koja su me gledala. 


I knew I wanted to make it into a cardigan with the black side on the outside and white peeking out in the front. I instantly had a pattern in mind and after a bit of an internal assessment (read: hours of not being able to get it out of my head), I went for it. It is a Burdastyle pattern I already used before so I had it already traced out, which was great. It is the 117 B from 8/2011 magazine.

Znala sam da ju želim pretvoriti u nekakvu vestu s crnom stranom s vanjske strane, a da bijela strana na mjestima viri. Odmah sam imala kroj u glavi koji sam htjela koristiti i nakon malo mozganja (čitaj: satima nisam nikako mogla izbaciti sliku iz glave), za njega sam se i odlučila. Koristila sam kroj 117 B iz Burda Style časopisa 8/2011. Već sam ga ranije koristila tako da sam ga već imala iscrtanog i spremnog što je uvijek super vijest.



The construction was fast and straightforward. Usually, I keep away from Burda patterns because of their sizing and ease built into them, but this cardigan is supposed to be loose and roomy so it was a perfect choice. The cardigan is constructed with a zig-zag stitch and all hems are first zig-zagged and then turned inside and finished with a straight stitch.

Izrada je bila brza i jednostavna. Inače se držim podalje od Burdinih krojeva zbog njihovih veličina i toga što im krojevi uvijek imaju dodatnog lufta, ali obzirom da je ova vesta ionako velika i široka to mi nije smetalo. Sašila sam ju sa cik-cak šavom, a sve rubove sam uz cik-cak šav dovršila presavijenim i ravnim šavom.


The fabric is a real mistery. It is a sort of a knit and has a bit of stretch but it was unraveling at the raw edges which does not happen with a true knit. That is why I had to finish all edges with a zig-zag stitch before it was all gone 🙂
But the print makes up for it so I did not mind.

Tkanina je pravi misterij. To je nekakav džersej i sitno je rastezljiv ali se rasplitao na rubovima što nije tipično za džersej tkanine. Zbog toga sam trebala sve rubove završiti cik-cak šavom prije nego se sve rasplelo 🙂
Ali s ovim printom sam sve to zanemarila.




This is a short post with not much to report but the fact I love this cardigan crazy amount! With this single garment, a basic outfit becomes so much better and I feel great wearing it. I think this is one of the fastest turnarounds form buying the fabric to making the final garment. And that does not happen a lot.

Ovo je kratki ali slatki post u kojem nemam što puno za pisati osim toga koliko sam ludo zadovoljna s ovom vestom. S njom i najobičnija kombinacija postaje zanimljivija. Ovo je svakako bila jedna od najbržih izrada od kupljene tkanine do finalnog komada. A to se ne događa često.

Thank you for reading!
Hvala na čitanju!


Toaster sweater – Sew House Seven pattern

I love sweaters and how cosy and warm they are. Sometimes you just want to be comfortable, simple and not fuss with all the closures, button-up shirts and what not. Sometimes a slouchy sweater is all you want to wear. But what if you want to rock a sweater while still looking fashionable. Well, leisurely fashionable. Searching for that is when I discovered the Toaster sweater no 1 pattern by Sew House Seven. What is good about this pattern is that you can get it in two variations and the no 2 version might be even better for a „leisurely fashionable“ look. So far I tried only no 1 version and already made 3 of them. Yup, that is how much I love the style.


Volim veste i kako su ugodne i tople. Ponekad samo želiš nositi nešto ugodno, jednostavno i ne gnjaviti se sa zatvaračima, košuljama i čime već. Ponekad je široki džersej džemper sve što želiš nositi. A što ako želiš nositi ugodnu džersej vestu, ali i dalje izgledati pomodno. Mislim, ugodno pomodno. Tražila sam takav kroj i naišla na Toaster no1 kroj od Sew House Seven. Što je još bolje kroj dolazi u dvije verzije i no2 verzija je čak možda i više „ugodno pomodnog“ stila. Za sada sam isprobala samo Toaster no1 verziju i već sam napravila 3 komada. Da, toliko mi se sviđa ovaj stil.

The pattern has raglan sleeves, high neckband (which I love to wear folded), long cuffs and wide waistband. Later two are main features of this pattern in my opinion that make it interesting and different. It is fast to make, simple to wear and I love all versions I’ve seen on other people over on Instagram. It just works perfect on everybody!


Kroj ima raglan rukave, visok ovratnik (koji volim nositi presavinuto), duge manšete i duboki pojas. Zadnja dva detalja su po mojem mišljenju najizraženiji detalji kroja koji ga čine interesantnim i drugačijim. Brzo se napravi, jednostavan je za nošenje i sviđaju mi se sve verzije koje sam vidjela od drugih na Instagramu. Jednostavno dobro stoji na svakome!

The first version was made in this floral scuba I got about a year ago. Flowers are something I am drawn to all the time but I am not really sure they are my style. Well, I guess roses are not my style, but this one was talking to me. I only got a metre of it so had to play crazy pattern tetris to get the sweater out of it. After the first try I gave up because there was no way in this world that I could fit all pattern pieces on it. But then I figured I can just remove the bottom band and lengthen the bodice a bit. This still makes a fun sweater and I love wearing it with high waisted skirts and trousers. I combined it here with Erin skirt I blogged about earlier. I lengthened the bodice as much as I could from the fabric I had at hand. If I remember correctly it was by 4 cm.


Prvu verziju sam napravila iz cvjetnog uzorka scube koju sam kupila prije otprilike godinu dana. Cvjetni uzorci me privlače iako nisam sigurna koliko je to moj stil. Zapravo, ruže nisu moj stil, ali ova tkanina mi je bila tako privlačna. Imala sam samo metar tkanine pa sam trebala koristiti pravo tetris umijeće da bi izvukla džemper iz toga. Nakon prvog pokušaja sam odustala jer nije bilo teorije po kojoj bi uspjela izrezati sve krojne komade. Ali onda sam skužila da mogu izbaciti pojas i malo produžiti prednji i stražnji dio i to je to. Tako isto izgleda super i volim ju nositi sa šosevima i hlačama visokog struka. Ovdje sam ju skombinirala sa Erin šosom o kojem sam raije pisala. Produžila sam ih za otprilike 4 centimetra jer je to sve što sam mogla izvući iz ove količine materijala.

I made the second version in a white sweatshirt fabric I got locally and it is the perfect match of fabric and pattern. I get a serious Audrey Hepburn vibe with it and to get the total look I need to make slim black trousers and voila! But seriously, this is the essence of „leisurely fashionable“ look. I love how the wide band shapes the garment. With this version I shortened the bodice by 2 centimetres (because I did make this version with the bottom band) and took it in from waist to bottom gradually finishing at bottom 0.5 cm in from the original seam. This is a small change but it really made it sit better. This has to do with my sway back and where the pattern (bottom band) hits on me, so I had to shorten it to avoid any bunching in the lower back. This made all the difference and it fits great now.


Drugu verziju sam napravila iz bijele mrvu deblje džersej tkanine koju sam nabavila lokalno i mislim da je to primjer savršene kombinacije tkanine i kroja. Imam ozbiljnu Audrey Hepburn vibru s njom i za totalni Audrey look samo još trebam uske crne hlače i voila! Ali ozbiljno, to je točno „ugodno pomodni“ stil. Sviđa mi se kako pojas oblikuje vestu. Kod ove verzije sam prednji i stražnji dio tijela skratila za 2 centimetra (jer sam na ovoj verziji napravila i pojas). Također sam suzila tijelo od struka do dna tako da sam završila 0.5 cm unutra od originalnog šava. To je mala promjena, ali puno popravlja sveukupan izgled i vesta bolje stoji. To ima veze s mojim uvinutim leđima i gdje mi pojas kroja sjeda, pa sam ju morala skratiti da se tkanina ne napuhuje u donjem dijelu leđa. To sam i uspjela sa skraćivanjem u tijelu iznad pojasa i sad super izgleda.


The third version I made in this very popular Atelier Brunette fabric. I think soon after it got released there was not one day I wouldn’t see one make from it on my Instagram feed. I loved it but avoided buying it since at that point I was going strong with my fabric buying ban. But I caved. I am not sorry now because I love this fabric (I am wearing it as I am typing this!). It did sit in my stash for over a year which I also try to avoid now as much as I can. I knew I would make a sweater from it but not exactly from which pattern. And than there was fear. What if I ruin it? What if I make a mistake and it ends up looking awful and unwearable? It is a pricier fabric and these questions automatically poped up in my head when ever I saw it in my fabric stash. But when I was on the role with this pattern and I already knew how it fits I just went for it. I cut the fabric. I also had only 1 meter but I guess this fabric was wider than the scuba so I managed to add the bottom band. It is not visible in the photos but I had to piece it from more pieces than the pattern suggests (there are seams on each side and in the centre back). I also had to make it narrower. I cut bodice pieces as per pattern to make up for a narrower band (instead of shortening it as with my previous version where bottom band is wider).


Treću verziju sam napravila u ovoj Atelier Brunette tkanini. Mislim da brzo nakon izlaska ove kolekcije tkanina nije prošao dan da nisam na Instagramu vidjela neku kreaciju napravljenu iz te tkanine. Odmah mi se sviđala, ali ju nisam htjela kupiti jer sam tada već bila u modu ne kupovanja novih tkanina. Ali sam popustila. Sada mi naravno nije žao jer obožavam ovu tkaninu (nosim ju dok ovo pišem!). Nakon što sam ju kupila sjedila je na polici preko godinu dana, a to isto pokušavam izbjeći ovih dana koliko je to god moguće. A tu je bio i strah. Što ako ju upropastim? Što ako napravim grešku i vesta ispadne grozno? Malo je skuplja tkanina i kada god sam ju vidjela na polici ta pitanja su mi se javljala jedno za drugim u glavi. Ali kako sam isprobala ovaj kroj i znala sam što trebam napraviti za dobar rezultat jednostavno sam krenula. Zarezala sam u tkaninu. Isto sam imala samo metar tkanine, ali očito je šira jer sam za razliku od scuba verzije tu uspjela izvući i pojas. Ne vidi se na slikama, ali sastavila sam ga od više dijelova (imam šavove na bočnim stranama i po sredini na stražnjoj strani) i nešto je uži od originala. Prednji i stražnji dio tijela sam na ovoj verziji izrezala bez skraćivanja da nadoknadim razliku zbog užeg pojasa.

I can really recommend this pattern and the world of fabric is yours to find the ones that will speak to you! I am happy that with this I got three (!) fabrics out of my stash and into my wardrobe!


Stvarno mogu preporučiti ovaj kroj, a svijet je tvoj da si nađeš onu pravu tkaninu koja priča baš tebi! Sretna sam što sam ovime prebacila čak tri (!) tkanine s police u ormar!

Thank you for reading!

Hvala na čitanju!


Tilly and the Buttons Freya dress pattern duo

Tilly and the Buttons released book Stretch last spring. Few months later and there it was on my shelf. Few more months and I have two Freya dresses in my closet.
There are few more designs in the book but this one was a great start to use up some fabrics from my stash.


The first one I made from this lightweight jersey I got on eBay year ago or maybe more. It feels so good to use a fabric that you have been looking at for too long. I got it without a project in mind and as it was so lightweight I never knew what would be the right pattern for it. It was time to take a bit of a risk and hope it would live a happy life as a Freya. And it does.

The push I needed to do it was a great challenge run by Chantelle @i_seam_sew_happy_xx and Lou @oh_liverpool_lou over on Instagram called #stitchedwithatwist. The idea behind it was to use any pattern and hack it in any way that rocks your boat – embroidery, adding details, changing pattern design a bit….. As this jersey is so lightweight, I thought it would work great for bigger dreamy sleeves and coincidentally lovely Athina Kakou released a hack on how to make bishop sleeves for a regular sleeve over on her blog. I loved it, so I knew I wanted to try it out. If you like it as well go over on her blog. She has many other hacks available as well and if you are still looking for a great jersey pattern she has one with great reviews – the Sheona dress/top so do check it out.

Another hack I made was to lengthen the dress to midi. I am very inspired by long autumnal dresses and wanted that feel of someone so cool as Florence form the Florence and the Machine. I mean that is as cool as one can get in my book. I lengthened the dress at lengthen or shorten line that is part of the pattern (not from the hem). I did not want it to be too wide at the bottom so this seemed to be the right way.



Bishop sleeve goodness

The second dress is this ultimate lemon dress for dark winter days. It is the vitamin C for your sight. I got this Art Gallery fabric from Minerva crafts last year and it is the softest. I have not hacked this one for the challenge but I did make some alterations to the pattern as well. I also lengthened the hem on this one but this time to the knee level. I did it the same way as with the first version. But I had a problem with access fabric in the lower back which cried for a sway back adjustment. So I tried that one out and I guess it helped but there is still some extra fabric. Not sure why and if maybe I need to make a bigger adjustment but I was not frugal with it at all. This does mean I now have a seam running down my spine in the centre back but as the fabric is a happy one with random print I do not mind it that much (and it is in the back anyway).




picking lemons in a lemon dress, bam!
after looking at these pictures again I just want to go back on holiday!

New project from the book will probably be a Joni dress but I do need to find a great fabric for it to make the picture in my head a reality.

Until then…..
Thank you for reading!

Vietnam handmade holiday wardrobe – PART 1 / Ručno izrađena putna garderoba – DIO 1

Before I did not plan my sewing and never thought of making a capsule holiday wardrobe. To make garments that can work for every day but are practical for travelling as well. Well guess what, now I do! I find this to come with more practice and experience. And it is great to have half of your suitcase packed with your me mades! Just take a deep breath when you check luggage at the airport.


Prije nisam planirala svoje šivanje i nisam planirala kapsularnu garderobu za putovanja. Da napravim komade koji su dobri za svaki dan ali i praktični za putovanja. E, pa sad to radim! Imam dojam da to dolazi s iskustvom i praksom. I odlično je imati pola kofera ispunjenog sa komadima koje sam izradiš! Samo treba duboko udahnuti kada kofer predaješ na check in na aerodromu.

End stage of sewing a sleeveless top / Završna faza šivanja majice bez rukava

I started to sew some of the garments at the beginning of February and by the end of the month I had 4 sleeveless tops and one pair of shorts. Other garments that got to travel with me were earlier makes, all knit long sleeved tops. As I was travelling to Vietnam I was all into knits, cotton and linen. What more does a girl need?
For all of them I used fabrics from my stash I had for long time. Some of them were even given to me so all in all these are the cheapest and prettiest garments I have in my wardrobe.


Počela sam šivati početkom veljače i do kraja mjeseca sam imala 4 majice i jedan par kratkih hlača. Ostale komade koji su išli na put sam napravila ranije i svi su bili džersej majice. Kako sam putovala u Vijetnam bila sam orijentirana samo na džersej, pamuk i lan. Što drugo curi treba?
Za sve sam koristila tkaninu koju sam već imala doma neko vrijeme. Neke tkanine su čak bile poklon tako da su to najjeftiniji i najljepši komadi u mom ormaru.

4 Ultimate shift tops made in February / 4 Ultimate Shift majice koje sam napravila u veljači

Let me start with the tops. I used the Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress pattern. It is a really easy and fast make and I was able to make them in a week time with full time job taking most of my day. I like the shape of a basic sleeveless top and this one is a great base for all sort of hacks you can think of. I did not get much of them into play this time but I am sure to do so with future makes. Just think of all the ruffles.
I did not have to do any adjustments to the pattern and made it as it is in size 8. If I would be doing a dress or sleeve version I think I would do the size 10 to make sure I have enough space for arm movement and hip/butt coverage 😊


Ajmo prvo krenuti s majicama. Za izradu četiri komada koristila sam Ultimate Shift Dress kroj od Sew Over It. To je jednostavan kroj i brz za izradu. Uspjela sam izraditi ova 4 komada u tjedan dana uz stalan posao koji mi oduzima većinu dana. Sviđa mi se izgled jednostavne majice bez rukava i ovaj kroj je odličan za sve preinake koje vam padaju napamet. Ovaj put ih nisam puno napravila ali svakako ću napraviti u budućim komadima. Samo zamislite sve nabore i resice.
Nisam trebala raditi nikakve prepravke na kroju i sašila sam ga kakav je u veličini 8. Ako bi radila haljinu ili majicu s rukavima vjerojatno i ga izradila u većoj veličini da osiguram dovoljno mjesta za pokret rukama i uspješno prekrijem bokove i guzove


Blue linen top / Plava lanena majica

The first one I made from blue linen fabric. I added a patch pocket on it to add more detail and hemmed the bottom hem with decorative stitch. As the fabric was plain I thought this was just the right amount of detail to make it more interesting. The pocket is not my best work but after unpicking it few times I just told myself to live with it before I kill the fabric. And I do not notice it anymore, so please pretend you don’t notice it either. 😊
The fabric was a gift from a friend (it belonged to her grandmother) and I used up all of it. It was a narrow fabric so I just about managed to fit this top.


Prva majica koju sam napravila je od plavog lana. Našila sam džep i ukrasni šav na rubu. To mi se činilo kao dovoljno detalja da top bude malo interesantniji. Džep nije moje najbolji uradak ali nakon nekoliko pokušaja odlučila sam ga prihvatiti kakav je prije nego ubijem tkaninu do kraja. A više to i ne primjećujem, pa molim vas ni vi nemojte primijetiti 😊
Tkanina je poklon od prijateljice (pripadala je njenoj baki) i upotrijebila sam sve što sam imala. Komad je bio uži od današnjeg standarda pa sam taman uspjela izraditi ovu majicu iz njega.


The second top is made from a blue floral fabric that I believe is some sort of light cotton. This fabric belonged to my grandmother and I have no idea how old it is, but older than me definitely. I previously made a skirt from it and now used up the rest of it to make this top. It will be a great full on floral outfit for summer, but can be also worn separately. I took only the top to my trip because it was lighter to pack. And it goes great with denim shorts. Or any solid shorts, really. I did not make any hacks with this one because the fabric does all the talking here so I did not want to fight.


Druga majica je izrađena iz plave cvjetne tkanine za koju mislim da je pamuk. Ova tkanina je pripadala mojoj baki i nema pojma koliko je stara ali je svakako starija od mene. Ranije sam od nje napravila suknju, a sad sam ostatak iskoristila za ovu majicu. Ljeti ću moći nositi komplet cvjetnu kombinaciju ali su oboje odlični za kombinaciju sa ostalim komadima. Na put samo ponijela samo majicu jer je nju bilo lakše spakirati. I odlično paše sa traper kratkim hlačama. Ili bilo kojim jednobojnim hlačama zapravo. Nisam radila nikakve dodatne promjene na kroju za ovu majicu jer tu tkanina ima glavnu riječ.


The third top is maybe my favourite for many reasons. I got the vespa fabric from Miss Matatabi about two or three years ago when I first started discovering online fabric shopping. As I was still new to that world and had no idea how to buy fabric online I got lost in the shop and ended with all the colourful prints in the basket. I also had no idea what fat quarters were and wondered who would buy fabric scraps online that they had the need to sell so many of them. I know, I know. So, me being careful, I decided to give them a go to see what I will get in the mail and ordered this fabric as one of 3 fat quarters. That was enough to make a top like this which was the plan from the beginning.


 Treća majica je moguće i meni najdraža iz više razloga. Vespa tkaninu sam kupila iz Miss Matatabi online dućana prije otprilike dvije ili tri godine dok sam tek počela otkrivati online šoping tkanina. Kako sam tek počela otkrivati taj svijet nisam imala dovoljno znanja za kupovinu tkanina na internetu i izgubila sam se u tom dućanu. Na kraju sam završila s masom šarenih printeva u košarici. Tada nisam znala što je quilting, što kod nas niti nije popularna aktivnost pa čak mislim da za to niti ne postoji riječ na hrvatskom (ako postoji i netko ju zna neka podijeli, hvala!). Quilting je izrada pokrivača od dva sloja tkanine koji su izrađeni od više fat quartera i imaju dekorativni dizajn. Kako nisam znala što je quilting nisam znala niti što je fat quarter (prethodno izrezan manji komad tkanine koji čini dekorativni dizajn popluna kada je sašiven) niti tko bi to kupovao da bi ovaj dućan ima potrebu prodavati toliko ostataka tkanina. Pa kako sam bila oprezna u kupovini materijala odlučila sam kupiti 3 fat quartera da vidim što ću dobiti u poštanski sandučić po pitanju kvalitete tkanine. 

wrinkles were a ‘in’ by the end of the trip / neispeglanost je bila ‘in’ do kraja putovanja

I only just gotten around to making it two to three years later. I did not have enough to make both front and back of the bodice so I bought black linen fabric for the back piece. And I love the result and the fact I used up the fat quarter finally. I made a high low hem. More from necessity as the fat quarter means short top, but I like the end result. It is great to wear with high waisted shorts or skirts.
Another reason why I was so pumped to make it for this trip is because Vietnam is the country of motorcycles. There is so many of them and no photo can capture it as when you get there and try to cross the street. I tried to get a photo with them but it just looks nothing like the real thing.


Tek sam tri godine kasnije i izradila tu majicu. Nisam imala dovoljno materijala za prednju i stražnju stranu majice pa sam za stražnju stranu kupila crni lan. Sviđa mi se kako izgleda u toj kombinaciji tkanina i da sam napokon iskoristila taj fat quarter. Odličan je za kombinirati sa hlačama i šosevima visokog struka. Drugi razlog zašto sam bila toliko fokusirana napraviti ju za ovaj put je to što je Vijetnam zemlja motora. Ima ih toliko posvuda i fotografija to ne može dočarati. Ne kao kada ste tamo i pokušavate prijeći cestu. Pokušala sam sa slikanjem uz cestu ali to jednostavno ne izgleda kao prava stvar.

What did I tell you about it not looking as good in photos as in real life (I mean, where are all the motorcycles??)?

Što sam vam rekla o tome da slike nisu ni upola dobre kao prava stvar (gdje su svi motori??)?


The forth top from the first picture did not make it to the trip because I felt the print would clash with other separates and girl has to stick to her capsule wardrobe. And pack light so she has enough space left for fabric shopping. Priorities. And that one was made again from two fat quarters from Miss Matatabi fabric shop.


Četvrta majica koju možete vidjeti na prvoj slici nije išla na put. Mislila sam da se print neće uklopiti u ostatak garderobe, a cura se mora držati svojih planova o kapsularnoj garderobi. I lagano pakirati jer je trebalo ostati dovoljno prostora u torbi za šoping tkanina. Prioriteti. Ali i ta majica je izrađena iz dva komada za quilting iz Miss Matatabi online dućana.

Other tops I brought to the trip were all knit tops. I did not get to photograph all of them in action, but they were as follows: two Molly tops by Sew Over It, Agnes top by Tilly and the Buttons and sweatshirt pattern from Burda Style magazine issue 1/2017. You can’t go wrong with knits for travelling. Comfort is everything when you go on a 6 hour flight or overnight train. These are all great patterns that are easy to make. They are also great stash busting projects and you can make some of them from as little as 1 meter of fabric.


Ostale majice koje sam spakirala za put su sve od reda od džerseja. Nisam ih uspjela sve uslikati u akciji, ali redom to su bile: dvije Molly majice od Sew Over It, Agnes majica od Tilly and the Buttons i džemper iz Burda Style časopisa broj 1/2017. Ne možete pogriješiti s džersej majicama za putovanje. Udobnost je bitna kada idete na let u trajanju 6 sati ili noćni vlak. Ovo su sve odlični krojevi koje je jako lako i brzo pretvoriti u odjevne predmete. Također su jako dobri za iskoristiti sve one ostatke materijala od ranijih projekata koji vam stoje negdje u sobi jer ih možete izraditi od svega 1 metra tkanine.

Burda Style sweatshirt from issue 1/2017 / majica iz Burde br 1/2017
Molly top no 1
Molly top no 2 (impossible to photograph) / (nemoguće je uspješno fotografirati crnu majicu)

In the next post I will share my bottoms that got to go to Vietnam with me so stay tuned until next week.


U idućem postu ću pisati o ostalim komadima koji su išli sa mnom na put u Vijetnam, pa svratite opet idući tjedan.

Thanks for reading!

Hvala na čitanju!


The story of Paola / Priča o Paoli – turtleneck pattern by Named Clothing

Named company has a strong position among indie pattern companies and it is clear why once you have a look at their pattern collection. They have great pieces and these patterns speak for them selves (I noticed Named does not promote itself as much on Instagram as others, yet everyone seams to go crazy for their patterns – that is at least my impression).
I have two of their patterns (although I crave for more) and the one I made (multiple times) so far is the Paola turtleneck. A great simple pattern that is a wardrobe staple. Ideal for a capsule wardrobe, if that is what rocks your boat. It rocks mine and I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe. Paola is one of the patterns in my winter capsule wardrobe. In all the colours, with all the fabric patterns. In stripes. In polka dots…. All goes with this pattern and you can choose which suits your style and wardrobe best.


Među brojnim indi firmama u svijetu šivanja firma Named je svakako našla svoje mjesto pri vrhu. Kad pogledate njihovu kolekciju krojeva postane vam jasno i zašto. Imaju odlične krojeve i oni su ti koji ih reklamiraju i čine brend.
Među svojom privatnom kolekcijom imam dva njihova kroja (iako ih želim još) i onaj koji sam izradila već više puta je dolčevita Paola. Jednostavan, ali tako ključan kroj za garderobu. Idealan kroj za kapsularnu garderobu, ako je to nešto što vam se sviđa. Meni je idea kapsularne garderobe odlična i Paola je važan dio moje zimske garderobe. Možete ju izraditi u jednoj boji, s ludim uzorkom, u tkanini s točkama ili crtama….kroj je toliko jednostavan da ga je lako kombinirati s raznim tkaninama da dobijete točno ono što bi najviše odgovaralo vama i vašem stilu.

Paola Turtleneck by Named Patterns / Dolčevita Paola od Named Patterns


It is easy and fast pattern to make and I have seen some sewist made it under an hour. I am not sure I fit into that group. I like to take my time. I make mistakes even with that, so I am not sure what would I end up with trying to fit it into an hour time frame. But still, making a top in an hour and half or so is great and you can think of a design during breakfast and go in that exact top out for lunch.


Kako je kroj jednostavan može ga se brzo sastaviti. Vidjela sam nekoliko žena koje su ga izradile unutar sat vremena. Ja nisam član tog kluba. Često napravim grešku ionako, a kada bi se trudila stisnuti sve unutar sat vremena ne znam s čime bi na kraju završila. Ali ako napravite dolčevitu unutar sat i pol vremena ili dva sata to je i dalje odličan osjećaj. Možete se sjetiti ideje za doručak i do vremena ručka već imate gotovu dolčevitu. 




I made one plane in a rusty orange, one in blue and white stripes and one grey with black polka dots. They are all great to combine with other separates and that is what I love about it. I mostly wear it tucked in as I like it better that way. And I love how good they look with a blazer – comfortable and classy at the same time. I mean, if a 077 agent can wear one you know it will take you places.


Do sada sam napravila tri verzije dolčevite: hrđavo narančastu, bijelo plavu s prugicama i sivu s crnim točkicama. Sve tri su mi odlične za kombinaciju s ostalim odjevnim predmetima iz ormara. Uglavnom ih nosim nagurane u hlače, tako mi se više sviđa silueta. I odlično izgleda u kombinaciji sa sakoom – ugodno i elegantno u isto vrijeme. Ako agent 007 može nositi dolčevitu onda znate da ste na pravom putu.

The first bond poster… make sure crop shows a head shot with the turtleneck
You see? / Vidite?

Image source / Izvor slike: 007

My three versions / Tri verzije iz moje radione
All hems are finished with a zig zag stitch / svi rubovi završeni su zig zag šavom
Tucked in is how it goes into the wild / Na zrak izlazi nagurana u hlače


My rusty version is made in a thin jersey. It is very comfortable but the jersey is so thin you can speculate of all that is going underneath, because every line shows. So I like to combine it with a blazer over it to cover that. I am proud to be style matching with the one and only Zach Galifianakis in Dinner for Schmucks – green blazer over rusty turtleneck! He actually rocks the turtleneck as a shirt front over a t-shirt. Maybe I should evolve to that level – it would sure keep my fabric from distorting in the wash after every wear. And that might be something I could actually do under an hour. Hm….


Narančastu verziju sa izradila u tankoj džersej tkanini. Ugodna je ali je tkanina toliko tanka da se kroz nju nazire svaka crta. Zato ju volim kombinirati sa sakoom. Ponosno nosim tu kombinaciju otkako sam shvatila da Zach Galifianakis u Večeri s idiotom (Dinner for Schmucks) nosi istu takvu kombinaciju. On čak nosi dolčevitu kao umetak preko obične majice kratkih rukava. Možda bi i ja trebala probati taj stil –  to bi svakako duže sačuvalo tkaninu zbog manjeg broja pranja. Tako bi možda i mogla sašiti odjevni predmet unutar sat vremena. Hm…..

Elusive clour but causal style – hence the arm on waist pose / neuhvatljiva boja ali opušten stil – stoga poza ruke na stuku

Dinner for Schmucks Zach Galifianakis

Style Duo / stilski dvojac

Image source / Izvor slike: 12

The polka dot one was the first I made and it is from a ponte roma fabric. It is warmer but since ponte roma does not stretch as much I get it a bit harder over my head. Not great when wearing bigger earrings but not something I could not live with. Just need to take the earrings of first. That is my tip of the day. But it goes to show that you can use different jersey weights for this one.


Prva koju sam napravila bi je ova siva verzija s crnim točkama tzv polka dot u debljoj džersej tkanini zvanoj Ponte Roma. Ta tkanina ima nešto slabiji postotak rastezljivosti i teža je, ali zbog toga i toplija za hladne zimske dane. Zbog slabije rastezljivosti malo ju teže prevlačim preko glave, ali to nije nešto s čime ne bi mogla živjeti. Samo trebam prvo skinuti naušnice. Ali upravo to pokazuje kao je moguće kombinirati razne vrste džersej tkanine za ovaj kroj.

Cool thicker fabric goes with cross over pose / kul deblja tkanina ide sa prekriženim rukama


The blue and white striped one is made of a lightweight jersey that is so soft, but unfortunately started to show the age a bit too soon. Not that it is old, but the surface is peeling. I fixed it with a simple shaving trick I saw online somewhere. I think I will have to do it often to keep it decent looking. It is always good to go with a higher quality fabric but you live and learn. I find that I like to spend time making something I will have and wear for a longer period of time so spending more money on something I will wear 30 times makes more sense than making something cheaper that might not last 10 wears. But when I was buying this fabric I really thought it was a better quality one. So I decided to enjoy it while it last and buy smarter next time.


Prugasta verzija u plavoj i bijeloj boji je izrađena u tanjoj mekanoj tkani koja nažalost pokazuje godine sa nošenjem. Nije stara ali se površina tkanine ljušti nakon trenja. Uspjela sam to popraviti s ‘depilacijom’ površine, trik koji sam nekad davno vidjela negdje na internetu. Mislim da ću to morati češće raditi da bi dolčevita izgledala pristojno. Zato je bolje uvijek raditi s kvalitetnijom tkaninom. Shvatila sam da radije potrošim više novaca na ono što će trajati 30 nošenja nego izraditi komad u lošijoj tkanini koja neće doživjeti ni 10 nošenja. Ali kada sam kupovala ovu tkaninu mislila sam da će biti kvalitetnija, tako da je uvijek moguće pogriješiti. Pa sam odlučila uživati u njoj dok traje i kupovati pametnije idući put.

casually social wave /  Opušten društveni pozdrav


I think this is one of many great jersey patterns out there that make you feel better during cold grey winter days. I like the warmth and love the funnel neck gives me and I plan of making more of these next winter.


Mislim da je ovo jedan od brojnih odličnih krojeva napravljen za džersej tkanine koji vam olakšavaju hladne i sive zimske dane. Volim toplinu koju mi daje tkanina oko vrata i planiram izraditi još komada iduće zime.


Thank you for reading!

Hvala na čitanju!