Sew Over It Chloe coat – my very first coat!


I ended 2017 by cutting out the Chloe coat pattern by Sew Over It. By this point I am sewing for 6ish years but I never made an outer garment before. I always thought I couldn’t get there by just trying, but I would need to first get a certain skill, attend a class or get a hold of a magic wand. But with time and with following other fellow sewists online I discovered you don’t need any of that, but you do need some experience and do what we all do best – try.

Entering 2018 I had my coat cut out, partially assembled, iron on stand by and one week into the new year I finished my first coat.

Me being awkward in front of the camera in my Chole coat

This pattern comes as part of the online class Intro to Sewing Coats: Chloe Coat. I wanted to make a coat for some time now but always struggled with the idea of doing it on my own with all the head scratching as part of the package. I also could not make it to local classes so online was the only way to go. And I love it! I bought the class, sat on it for few months (because that is what I do best) and at the end of December got around to it. It was time.

I like the ease of an online class because you can ‘attend’ it when ever you want and you can be in your pajamas if you like. So I first went through all classes in one go and then started doing it step by step replaying each video if necessary.

The fabric I used is some sort of wool blend I had in my stash for years, so do not really know the content. I am sure it has some percentage of poly in it, but since it did press well I still think it was not too much. All in all, perfect for a first coat project. The lining was a similar colored one since I thought that was about right for the first try and it was very affordable to get it from a local store (but as I do not have a picture of it you will just have to believe me).

A bad hair day and good coat day go so well together, don’t you think?

The online class was very helpful and Lisa takes you through all the stages. There are few camera angles for you to get the best look at what she is doing in each video. I read some reviews of the class before making the coat and some mentioned they could not see some of the steps Lisa was doing as her hands got in the way. There is some of that, but I did not have a problem with it and I clearly understood what I need to do. That might be one negative about the online class, but I did not have a problem with it so cannot really say it bothered me.

The assembly of a coat is straightforward and manageable for all sewists with some experience. It is meant to be a class and a pattern for first time coat sewers and if you made few things before you will be fine with making this coat. The tricky part came when I needed to some final stitches since I had a big wool coat at that point and it took some time getting the seam under the needle with the space a sewing machine can offer.

Sewing traffic jam

I used Ice wool for the shoulders, bagged out the lining and these were a first timers for me (I do not know if that is a word but I think it fits so well). Getting your heard around bagging out the lining is a process but you do get to the end and with few extra finishing touches you have a coat! And that is exactly why I wanted to do the class because I tend to be impatient when I need to do things all on my own and having someone to hold your hand takes some of the stress away.

The coat has two options for closure – zip and poppers. At first I decided to go with press studs but when I got to having a coat but still having to do all the hand sewing I changed my mind (and how great is that for us sewists!). I decided to leave any closures out and use just the brown leather belt I already had. I will go with the zip next time, but for now I am really enjoying it this way. And if I ever change my mind I can always add the press studs later.

I am maybe done with coat making for this season, but you never know what February can bring. I do have some hacks in mind for this pattern though so when the time comes for a second coat I have all the hack ideas and fabrics ready and steady to go.

Crispness of a back center seam


Side view without the belt


Did you make a coat yet and if yes, what was your first pattern to use?

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Pred koji mjesec odlučila sam se početi pisati blog. Kupila sam domenu, napisala par tekstova na engleskom i stisnula OBJAVI. A onda se rodila ideja da bi mogla voditi i blog na hrvatskom, više iz znatiželje nego publike jer budimo realnni, publike nema (barem ne trenutno).


I evo, prva objava je tu.

Na ovom blogu ću pisati o svojem hobiju – šivanju. Prije otprilike 6 godina okušala sam se u šivanju odjeće i danas ima ormar u kojemu je blizu polovice odjeće izašlo iz moje male kućne poizvodnje.

Ako vas zanimaju neki od tih komada i kako su nastali, pridružite mi se.

Hvala na čitanju!


Capsule Wardrobe

I am sewing for about 6 years now but it has been last 2 years that I took it up a notch and started making garments I have not tried before and making sure they fit into my wardrobe. Making a dress feels like Christmas every day but since it is not Christmas every day I end up with them clogging up my wardrobe more and more and not getting them out as much. And this is where the capsule wardrobe concept comes to the rescue.

Capsule wardrobe means you make garments that fit into your style AND lifestyle. It is not just about making but making garments you will ware and be able to mix and match with other garments in you wardrobe. It is about make and wear equally.

I realised that I am missing shirts, a coat, pants (I LOVE pants). So I am making them one by one. Some of them are more consuming makes in terms of time but are the ones that will make me most happy and will get the most sun and rain time outside. And that is what counts for me in the end. I am at the beginning now but hope to make 2018 based around it. So stay tuned for more.

I am starting with the Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break eBook

I started with this few months ago and posted a little bit about it on Instagram under the hashtag #plandasewssoicitybreak but will cover it in more detail here in upcoming weeks. Hope you will join me!

Happy Holidays!

Welcome to my blog

This is my very first post. Yikes.

Well, I better get started then. I got the first idea to blog about a year ago. It took me only a year to start and now I am terrified what to do. But it does not seem to kill you so I might as well try.

I am in love with sewing and traveling and if you ask me that is the best way to spend my free time. So let’s see how I will be at writing about it in a foreign language.

sewing cat
My old cat with my old sewing machine