Libby Blouse Pattern by Sew Over It

I really like blouses and shirts yet I do not sew many of them. Even though my last three posts are about blouses, don’t get fooled. I like sewing blouses, but I need variety in my sewing so when I make one blouse I go for the next best thing and by the time I get to making another blouse a lot of time goes by. But I really do like the ones I make and wear them a lot.

One of the blouses I made last spring during quarantine is the Sew Over It Libby blouse. I like this pattern a lot. I like the collar and the grown on sleeves. It somehow looks laid back while still being a blouse. Perfect!

The way this collar is constructed is new to me and it is a bit challenging. I am not sure if the part of the challenge had to do with the fabric choice, but the construction for sure needed a bit more of my attention that the regular collar construction. SOI have a good blog post about the construction of it which is a great extra help alongside the instructions. It is doable, but for me it took sometime to figure out what exactly I need to do. My recommendation is to read the instructions and blog post several times to really understand the steps and go slowly. My insides look a bit messy but I figure it makes no sense to be bothered by it since nobody will ever see it. Life is to short!

I sewed down the facing to the main fabric and the stitches are hidden under the collar. The facing was peeking out in few places before which was annoying and since the stitches are hidden below the collar it is the perfect little trick to make life (and wearing this blouse) easier.

I love the fabric and how bright and happy it is. I mentioned before but I will say it again – sewing made my fabric choices bolder and style so much more versatile and well, just better. That transformation is very welcome! Did sewing have the same effect for you?

4 thoughts on “Libby Blouse Pattern by Sew Over It”

  1. Lovely! The fabric is fab and it looks like it has a nice drape. I think that collar type is called revere; my daughter’s school uniform has blouses like that (but in nasty poly/cotton mix). I’m never sure how to iron them.

    1. Thank you! It has great drape. I was not sure how that type of collar is called, thanks. Oh, ironing is never fun and with this collar it is an extra challenge 😁

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