Roscoe blouse

I looked at the Roscoe blouse pattern by True Bias for a long time thinking how it is the perfect breezy blouse. And it is exactly that!
I finally went and sewed it last spring during quarantine and it was love at first sight. And then after finishing the first version I went straight ahead and made two more. That’s how much I liked it.

The pattern is wide and has a lot of ease and that is exactly what makes this pattern so good – it is supposed to be big and breezy. It is really easy and fast to sew with no fastenings and with a bit of gathering around the neckline and sleeve hems. The sleeves are not set in sleeves but raglan style which makes this pattern easier and faster to assemble. The nice detail I like about it is it has long ties that go down from the neckline binding and they look equally good untied and tied into a bow. I mostly wear mine untied because I like the relaxed look of it. But with colder days ahead I will probably tie it more often.


The first version is this rust one made in Atelier Brunette viscose and it is dreamy. It is so soft and breezy and gives me such strong 70’s vibes. I made this one in size 2 which is maybe a bit too big for me, so with later versions I cut out the smallest size (size 0). The sleeves are long but do not reach all the way so the wrists are out. I do not mind that in a blouse although I do think the length is a bit weird. I did think of maybe shortening them but haven’t gotten to it yet. Will see how I feel after wearing it more this autumn.

The second version is again made out of a viscose and yes, again Atelier Brunette fabric. What can I say, I like their designs. I made this one in size 0 and shortened the sleeves so they get to above elbows. I like it much more with this sleeve length although it does mean it might not be really good for wearing in the colder days (at least for me). But I really like it made up in this fabric and I feel great when wearing it.

For the third version I stepped away from viscose and made it in a less flowy fabric. I used this colorful cotton (lawn? – it has been a while and I don’t remember the exact fabric components) and I love it. I did not have enough fabric to make it as long as the pattern suggests. This means I can’t really wear it tucked in but I like it like this as well. The sleeves are also shorter on this one and it is made in size 0. I also made the neck opening at the front a bit smaller so it does not gape. It is just at the right spot now to get it over my head, phew! I had this fabric for so long in my stash not knowing what to make from it and I think this blouse will give it the right kind of life.

Am I thinking of making more Roscoe blouses? Yes. Is there such thing like too many Roscoe blouses? No. This pattern is just too good for that to be true.
Did you make the Roscoe pattern? What do you think about it and do you like it as much as I do?


Thank you for reading!

4 thoughts on “Roscoe blouse”

  1. Slučajno sam naišla na tvoj blog. Dosadilo mi stalno čitiati strane i tražiti inspiraciju za šivanje.
    Blog ti je super, lijepo stiliziran, minimalističan, odmjeren.
    Modele koje si odabrala šivati su mi baš inspirativni, volim što ponavljaš krojeve. To mi je kao nekakvo guštanje u onom što već imaš, u svijetu u kojem se uvijek trči za novim i novim.
    Zato Hvala.

    1. Hvala puno na ovakvom komentaru! Drago mi je da je inspirativan i da ga netko čita 🙂 Ranije nikada nisam kupovala više istih stvari makar bi mi se sviđale ali otkako šivam to mi je nekako cilj jer ako kroj odgovara onda samo s drugim materijalom komad skroz drugačije izgleda.

  2. Love all three of your Roscoe blouses. I recently made two of them, both size 4. I added 2” to the sleeves of the second one, because I like wearing longer sleeves in the winter. My first was sewn with Rifle Paper Co cotton lawn, the butterflies fabric. The second was sewn with Liberty of London tana lawn. I still have to post some pics of them. Will have to try a more flowy fabric like yours. Thanks for the review

    1. Thank you for the comment Laura! I think all those fabrics work with this pattern. I have a cotton lawn one but these flowy ones are just so great 🙂

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