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I found my go-to spring jacket pattern. It is simple to make, great to style for all spring outfits and (drum roll) it is free! Yep, you can find it on the website.

I had it ready for a while but as with many patterns, I first wanted to find the right fabric and get in the right mood. I did have this cord fabric in my stash that I wanted to use for my first version. I made myself think of it as a muslin in case it did not turn out good, but I was hoping it would be wearable. And it is. Smile.


Usually, I follow pattern instructions. As I have been sewing for years now I sometimes only skip over instructions but this time I did not even bother looking them up. For some reason, that felt unnecessary and one extra thing my mind would have to cope with at these times. So I just went for it step by step and sewed the whole jacket over a weekend. I did make several coats and shirts by now so I knew all the steps that were needed. This gave me a good feeling because I felt I had something under control unlike with everything else that is currently happening outside.

Bonus points when your garment matches your walls

This jacket pattern has a collar, button up front and 4 patch pockets. I ended up putting only 2 lower pockets. One reason is that I did not have enough fabric for all 4 pockets but then the third one on only one side just looked silly. On one of the pockets, I added the Hand Made tag (I wanted to use it like this on a garment for a while). But then each time I forgot. Well, this time I made sure it was next to my machine ready to go when I started working on the jacket. I also skipped the topstitching in the front since the facings are caught in place with buttons and buttonholes.



I would say this is a fast sew, especially for those of you who can sit through a full project from start to finish in an afternoon. I usually break it in more sittings so a weekend was the perfect timeframe to finish it. I recommend it as a great pattern to try your skills and make a cool spring jacket, especially since you only have to invest in the fabric in case you do not already have something in your stash.



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    1. Hi Madi! Honestly I don’t know of any specific tutorials for it but I am sure there are plenty if you Google or look on YouTube. I did it from my head because I already did many shirts and jackets before this one so knew the process, but basically you need to sew the facing and the jacket body together with right sides facing and then turn and press. Good luck!

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