In The Fold Peplum Top – Gingham Satisfaction

I love gingham fabric and if I could get my hands on all colors that is a pattern I would be wearing ALL THE TIME. I got the fabric at a local store near me a while ago and I was so in love with it that I bought as much as I could. I made this dress form it and was left with some remnants that kind of were big enough for something but I was never sure what. And then the In The Folds Peplum top came to play in one of the Peppermint Magazine issues.


I like how this top is at the same time simple and yet has some interesting details like straps as a separate pattern piece and the peplum. The fabric is some kind of cotton so it was on the stiffer side. This meant that the peplum was way more statement like than I had imagined it. To workaround that I added side ties so I can tie them into a bow and I love how that looks. There are two ties on each side and they are just sewed down to the bodice left and right from the side seam.



The pattern has a round neckline in the front and v in the back. I like this and it is ideal something something (different drummer kind of thing) for summer. I am interested in seeing how I can pair it with my existing wardrobe but also how I can wear it in non-summer weather. So I had a rummage through my wardrobe and saw this rust Paola turtleneck I made some time ago and it was instant heart eyes. I will have to search for more combinations like this.


The pattern instructions are great as always with In The Folds and the pattern is easy to construct. I would recommend any of their patterns made for the Peppermint magazine as a great addition to your wardrobe but also for beginner sewists looking for something simple yet very wearable and beautiful. I would like to make one in a floatier fabric next time.



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4 thoughts on “In The Fold Peplum Top – Gingham Satisfaction”

  1. I love the addition of side ties and the structure of the fabric! Could you help me understand how to make and add the ties? What are their dimensions? Did you sew them onto the exterior of the shirt?

    1. Thank you Maddie! I made the ties at the very end because this fabric is structured and I did not like how the top was looking, it was sticking out to much on all sides. So I first thought about what length and width I wanted. For the width I got the measurement like this: wanted width X 2 and then added 2cm for seam allowance (1cm on each side). I sewed both long endges and one short with right sides together, then turned them inside out and pressed. Now I had one short side unfinished and I covered it when I was stitching each tie to the top. This part is a bit hard to explain in writing but you can play with the placement and test it out until you get the right position you are happy with. They are not part of the side seam but they are sewed to the top from the outside with about 5 cm space in between so when I tie them they do the work of gathering the top. Hope this is helpful, let me know if you have any more questions.

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