I shared this dress on Instagram few weeks ago and I got a lot of comments asking what pattern I used or how I made it so I thought I would write a blog post about it for anyone who might be interested. I made the dress two years ago and do not have any in progress shots so can not share any pictures of the steps involved, but I did try to describe it with words as much as I could. Just scroll down for the ginghamization goodness.


Gingham is a well positioned fabric in the fashion world. I love it and think it always looks great. Somehow it is chic but casual at the same time. How is that even possible? Gingham superpowers at play. So when I saw the perfect gingham cotton fabric at a local fabric store I bought it straight away without even knowing what to make with it. I knew it would live it’s life as a dress but had not known in what form. I think I bought 2.5 or 3 meters of it, but it is hard to recall now. This is more like a guess based on the amount needed for the final dress plus I have a bit leftover.


With time some ideas started brewing in my mind and I knew what kind of a dress I wanted. I did not have a pattern for it so decided to look for a basic bodice I could use as a base and work around it. I needed a simple bodice with two front and two back darts. What I wanted would not be suitable for princess seams or bust darts as the fabric pattern would look different and possibly strange/unattractive. I went for one I already used before and knew would work. It is bodice pattern from Burda Style dress no #101 from 2/2011 magazine issue. But you can use any bodice pattern with darts that suits you.

Burda Style dress 101, 2/2017


I played around on paper first to see how the fabric placement would look. I find this as a good method when I want to play with fabric print and direction to test out the ideas.


I am not one for beautiful sketches but good enough to get the feeling if it will work (and you can see it worked from all the ticks – why are they all there I have no idea)


And now the construction of the dress.

BODICE. I had the bodice already traced so went straight for the fabric cutting. First step was to sew the darts on both bodice pieces. Then I needed to cut out the triangles. I measured the bottom of the front bodice piece on fold and side of the bodice front from bottom to bust height. That way I had measurements for two sides of a square. Then I cut out two squares of fabric and folded them diagonally to get two triangles.

I pinned the triangles to the front bodice and ‘tried it on’ to see if it lay flat or if there was some gaping or what not. What you want to check at this point is where the waist seam will be so you know how to position the triangles for them to meet in the middle, right where the skirt will be attached to the bodice. When I was happy with it I sewed the triangles to the front bodice within the seam allowance on the side and bottom of the bodice. The top of the triangles on the fold is left unsewn. You can stitch them down by machine or by hand with invisible stitch, but I did not want to have any visible stitching or do any hand sewing so left it like that. Hand sewing can easily be done when the dress is finished if you end up with any gaping, but I did not, so it is free and I can put my hands in if I want to rest them, for example. Then I attached front and back bodice pieces together. My dress has a side zip so I left one side open to insert the zip later.


I opted for a V opening on the back of the bodice (not pictured), this was an easy alteration to do. I cut out the original back bodice and then measured how low I would like the opening to be. I did not want it to be too low so I could securely hide the bra. When I measured it in front of a mirror I simply cut out a triangle opening. I finished the neckline with a bias binding but you can also do it with a facing or a full lining for a cleaner finish, which is my go to option these days. The armholes are also finished with bias binding.

SKIRT. The next step was the skirt and I went for the drama effect and cut out a full circle skirt. When it was ready I attached the skirt to the bodice and inserted the zip. And then all that was left was endless seam finishing on the circle skirt.


And voila, there is my gingham dress of dreams! It is not hard at all but gives a simple dress so much more character. If you go ahead and do it I would be happy to see your version, so please leave me a comment, send me a message or tag me on Instagram 😊




And one bathroom selfie for the end because we are in 2018


P.S. – I love this photo of ladies in their gingham outfits waiting in line by Nina Leen for Life Magazine. You think I would fit among them with this dress? The caption of the photo is ‘Women wearing checked outfits, waiting to place bets at racetrack’. That kind of line is not where you would find me but if it were a line to buy cinema tickets that could work. Imagine a gingham movie premiere – now that is where I would love to be!

Photo by Nina Leen for Life Magazine; source


Thank you for reading!


Me Made May 2018 – results are in / rezultati

Me Made May is over! It was a lot of fun! I do not know why I do not wear me made every day of the year. Well I am lying, I do know. I do not have jeans or some kind of trousers apart from my culottes. I need variety and do not have it yet in form of pants. That will be different by the time another Me Made May comes around, I am on it.

I have not taken a picture every day but have from most days. I was sick by the end of the month so have been travelling between bed and sofa all day and that is not something to take a picture of. But I have been good and made it through with my pledge. I wanted to wear at least one me made item per day during the whole month and a full me made outfit two days per week. It was not that hard as I do have a decent me made collection in my wardrobe by now which is excellent. I was struggling on some days and ended up repeating many items. I came to realise I do not mind that at all and I also repeat my rtw items as well. If I like something and it fits well, I will wear it a lot and on repeat. I think that only says a good thing about the garment I made.


Završio je Me Made May! Bilo je zabavno! Ne znam zašto ne nosim svoje komade svaki dan u godini. Mislim lažem jer znam. Nemam traperice ili neke druge hlače osim zelenih kulotica. Treba mi raznolikost koju trenutno nemam u formi hlača. Ali to će biti drugačije do idućeg Me Made May-a, radim na tome.

Nisam slikala kombinacije svaki dan ali jesam većinu dana. Razbolila sam se krajem mjeseca pa sam se kretala između kreveta i kauča, a to nije za slikanje. Ali sam uspjela ispuniti svoje obećanje za ovaj mjesec. Ideja mi je bila nositi barem jedan svoj komad svaki dan u mjesecu plus kompletnu svoju kombinaciju dva dana u tjednu. Nije bilo jako teško jer do sada već imam pristojno popunjen ormar svojim komadima što je odlično. Mučila sam se pojedine dane ujutro odabrati što obući i na kraju sam ponavljala dosta stvari kroz mjesec. Ali sam ubrzo shvatila da mi to ne smeta i da istu stvar radim i sa kupovnim stvarima. Ako mi se nešto sviđa i dobro mi stoji onda ću to redovno nositi. Mislim da to samo govori dobro o odjeći koju napravim.


So here is my Me Made May with documented garments
(all description is in clockwise order)

Evo tu redom moj Me Made May u odjevnim kombinacijama
(svi opisi slika su u smjeru sata)

1 – Sew Over It Ultimate shift top
2 – Burda Style cardigan and Megan Nielsen Flint pants
3 – Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top
4 – Sew Over It Molly dress
5 – Megan Nielsen Flint pants and DIY top
6 – half circle skirt / polukružni šos


1 – Sew Over It Ultimate shift top and Megan Nielsen Flint pants
2 – DIY kimono
3 – hacked Burda Style dress
4 – Sew Over It Ultimate shift top
5 – Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top, Burda Style cardigan and Megan Nielsen Flint pants
6 – Burda Style sweater


1 – Tilly and the Buttons Cleo dungaree dress
2 – Sew Over It Ultimate trousers
3 – Sew Over It Alex shirt and Erin skirt
4 – Sew Over It Alex shirt
5 – Sew Over It Alex shirt and Megan Nielsen Flint pants


1 – Burda Style shirt
2 – Sew Over It Ultimate shift top and Megan Nielsen Flint pants
3 – Sew Over It Ultimate shift top and DIY gathered skirt


I made two new shirts this month just in time for long sleeved weather in the second half of the month. It is the Alex shirt by Sew Over It and I love it. I was a not feeling it at first but now I want to live in it every day, it is so comfortable and great for casual outfits.
I love my favourites (or do I have to say I hate picking favourites but if I have to…) and they are green Flint culottes, blue flower Ultimate shift top, Burda Style waterfall cardigan and Alex shirt times three (don’t make me pick favourites from them). I wear these all the time and will in the future.


Napravila sam dvije nove Alex košulje ovaj mjesec taman na vrijem da uhvatim val nižih temperatura u drugoj polovici mjeseca. Nisam u početku bila oduševljena ovim krojem ali sada ga obožavam. Želim nositi te košulje najrađe svaki dan.
Volim favorite (ili trebam reći da ne volim birati favorite ali ako baš pitate…..) i to su zelene Flint hlače, plava Ultimate shift majica, Burda Style vesta i Alex košulja puta tri (nemojte me tjerati među njima birati najdražu). Ove komade redovno nosim i tako ću i ubuduće.


Extra photo of the Burda Style waterfall cardigan / dodatna fotka Burda Style veste


I realised I miss certain garments and they are definitely jeans or denim pants in general. I plan to make some of these by the time 2018 comes to an end. On top of my make list the Lander pants that I already am overdue in making. I love that pattern and I hope it will love me when it comes to fitting. Next will be proper jeans, but as summer is here I will not be needing them right now.
I also need short sleeved jersey tops. I have only rtw ones, which is not the end of the world, but I would like to have few with ruffles or bell sleeved and that I can make. I am just currently not in jersey making mode but when I will be these will be flying out of my sewing room.
And more and more shirts. I am on a real skirt making kick at the moment and I want to make the most out of it. Because if you are inn the mood for making that many button holes, you know it is a now or never kind of moment.


Shvatila sam da mi fale neki komadi i to su definitivno traperice ili nekakve traper hlače. Planiram napraviti nešto od toga do kraja ove godine. Na vrhu liste su mi Lander hlače koje već toliko dugo želim napraviti da je već smiješno što nisam. Jako mi se sviđa taj kroj i nadam se da će biti dobar prema meni kad će doći vrijeme za probu. Iduće na listi su klasične traperice, ali obzirom da mi neće trebati preko ljeta ne žurim se s tim.
Trebam i nekoliko džersej majica kratkih rukava. Imamo samo kupovne majice, što nije smak svijeta, ali par komada sa širim rukavima i volanima sigurno mogu napraviti. Trenutno jedino nisam u dž
ersej modu pa je to na čekanju, ali kada budem letit će van kao na traci.
I opet, košulje i košulje. Trenutno sam sva u izradi košulja i želim to iskoristiti. Jer nije često da mi se da izrađivati toliko rupa za gumbe, tako da je to sad ili nikad trenutak.



Until next Me Made May!
Thank you for reading!

Do idućeg Me Made May-a!
Hvala na čitanju!


#2 City Capsule Wardrobe: The Alex shirt

The second pattern up for review from the Sew Over It’s City Break Capsule Wardrobe E-book is the Alex shirt. This pattern comes in both shirt and dress length. Both are great for dreamy flowy fabrics and make existing whole in my wardrobe significantly smaller.


Drugi kroj na redu za recenziju iz City Break Capsule Wardrobe E-book od Sew Over It je Alex košulja. Kroj dolazi u dvije verzije – košulja ili košulja-haljina. Obje verzije su odlične za lepršave, lagane tkanine i obje odlično nadopunjuju moju garderobu.



This pattern is great for the first shirt because it does not have a collar stand. You attach the collar directly to the body of the shirt so the construction is easier and faster, but you still get to have a taste of the collar construction. Another thing I loved making is the back yoke construction. I needed some head scratching because I just could not get my head around it at first as I never sewed one before. Some trial and error (read unpicking seams) and I got it right. It felt like I won an argument 😊 Always so good! It was an argument with myself (not the pattern) but it still counts.


Ako se po prvi put upuštate u šivanje košulje kao i ja, ovaj kroj je odličan jer ima samo kragnu (gornji preklopni dio) bez ovratnika (donji uspravni dio). Zbog toga je puno jednostavniji i brži za šivanje, a na kraju opet dobijete djelomično iskustvo izrade kragne. Druga stvar koja mi se svidjela kod izrade košulje je sastavljanje ramenice (ramenog dijela košulje na stražnjoj strani). Trebalo je par pokušaja da pogodim pravilno sastavljanje pošto sam i to šivala prvi put, ali nakon par pokušaja i pogrešaka (i korištenja paralice) sam uspjela. Kao da sam pobijedila u raspravi. Sama sa sobom, a ne s krojem. Ali bitno da sam pobijedila 😊


collar from the front / kragna bez ovratnika
back yoke detail / detalj ramenice


It was also my first time sewing patch pockets. I am happy with how they came out. One looks better than the other but I do not think anyone would ever notice but me. Patch pockets are so easy and make a shirt that more interesting in my opinion. I am glad I have that one under my belt and I already used it on many other projects (like on my coat which I blogged about here).


Također sam prvi puta šivala našivene džepove i zadovoljna sam kako su ispali. Jedan izgleda puno bolje od drugog, ali mislim da to ionako nitko neće vidjeti osim mene. Našiveni džepovi su toliko lagani, a baš dobro izgledaju na košuljama. Tako da mi je drago da sad imam i to iskustvo i već sam ih šivala i na nekoliko komada nakon ove košulje (recimo na kaputu o kojem sam već pisala ovdje).


Untitled 2


The pattern has a button placket for closure in the front. I was in a bit of a rush (and just plane lazy) so I went for the ultimate lazy shortcut to date: fake button placket. I made the button placket as regular but hand sewed the buttons through both sides of the placket in place. There are no buttonholes (see what I meant with lazy shortcut?). The shirt does not open but as it is not supposed to be buttoned up all the way to the collar there is plenty of room to get it over my head. It looks a bit silly when I try to get it on without making any creases in the fabric, but nobody sees me getting dressed anyway so…..


Kroj ima lajsnu s gumbima i rupicama za gumbe za zakopčavanje. Pošto sam bila u žurbi (ili jednostavno lijena) odlučila sam se a ultimativni lijeni prečac: lažna lajsna za kopčanje. Napravila sam ju regularno kako se radi klasična, smo što nisam gumbe našila na jednu stranu lajsne, već sam ih prošila kroz obje lajsne, a rupice za gumbe uopće nisam radila (vidite što sam mislila pod lijenim prečacem?). Košulja se onda ne otkopčava ali je dovoljno otvorena da ju mogu prevući preko glave. Malo je smiješno kad ju oblačim bez da ju zgužvam, ali to ionako nitko ne vidi.




The only thing I do not particularly like is the slightly dropped shoulder and the over-sized look. When I looked at samples and all other Alexes out there I did like it, but not on me as it turns out. Maybe it is the fabric I used, but I feel a bit lost in there. Maybe even granny due to the fabric pattern, but then again, it is never bad to show a bit of granny glam once in a while. I mostly wore it under a cardigan in winter but now I wear it tucked into jeans and that looks way better. I think that I will take it in for future ones I make. I toyed with it a bit and I would not take it in the sides but would take about 2-3 centimeters form the center of the front and back bodice pieces. This takes the shoulders in but still gives it a relaxed look. I will report back if that was a good idea.


Jedino što mi se ne sviđa je spušteni rukav tj. spušteni šav rukava i prevelik izgled košulje. Dok sam gledala uzorke kroja i ostale već izrađene Alexe to mi nije smetalo, ali mi smeta na meni. Možda je zbog tkanine koju sam koristila, ali nekako si izgledam izgubljeno kao u prevelikoj košulji. Zimi sam ju nosila ispod dugih rukava, ali sam ju sada na proljeće počela nositi utaknutu u hlače i to mi se sviđa. Za ubuduće ću ju probati suziti, ali ne na bočnom šavu, već ću maknuti 2-3 centimetra iz sredine prednjeg i stražnjeg bloka. Tako pomaknem šav rukava i ramena prema unutra, a da i dalje imam opušteni izgled košulje. Ako eksperiment uspije podijelit ću ga na blogu.


Untitled 3


I see many more Alexes hanging in my closet and I already have some fabrics lined up for sewing. I hope I will whip them up sometime soon.


Vidim još puno Alexa u svom ormaru  i već imam nekoliko tkanina koje čekaju svoj red za šivanje. Nadam se da ću ih stići sašiti nekad uskoro.



Thank you for reading!

Hvala na čitanju!



Me Made May 2018

It is May soon and some of you might know what that means. It’s Me Made May time!

Uskoro će Svibanj što u svijetu online šivanja znači Me Made May (ručno izrađeni Svibanj) – isprike na groznom prijevodu.


I do not remember when I first found out about it but last year was the first time I took part in it. I was more serious with my sewing by then and had enough to actually wear during the month of May. The idea is to set yourself a personal challenge to wear more of your me-mades during the month of May. The idea is to take out those pieces that do not get a lot of wear (or any) and use this moth to get to know your own wardrobe better and see what you do not wear as much and what you are missing. I love this idea and the amount of inspiration I get from all the sewist in the community! It also feeds my need for making my wardrobe more practical and capsule wardrobe friendly, so count me in.


Ne znam kad sam točno prvi put čula za ovaj izazov, ali prošle godine sam prvi put sudjelovala. Do tada sam već bila dosta ozbiljnija sa šivanjem i imala sam dosta komada koje sam mogla nositi kroz svibanj. Ideja izazova je da svatko kreira osobni izazov u kojemu će kroz svibanj nositi više svojih komada koje je sam izradio. Poanta je izvaditi one komade koje ste napravili ali uglavnom čame na dnu ormara i iskoristiti ovaj mjesec za upoznavanje vlastite garderobe. Vidite što ne nosite, a što vam fali u ormaru. Super mi je takav izazov i količina inspiracije koju dobijem od svih koji sudjeluju u njemu. To se također uklapa u moju želju da svoju garderobu napravim praktičnijom i skladnijom, tako da sam za!.


I believe many of you already know about it, but if not, head on over to So Zo blog and read all about it from the first hand.

I pledged this year to wear one me-made piece every day and at least three full me-made outfits during the month on May. I wear something me-made often these days so it does not sound that challenging, but that is 31 days we are talking about. Also, I think with full me-made outfits I will have to rock more dresses which I do not really do outside the summer season, so it will be pushing me to adjust to bear legs soon!


Ako vas zanima više o ovom izazovu slobodno posjetite So Zo blog za više detalja iz prve ruke.

Ove godine sam se izazvala da svaki dan kroz svibanj nosim barem jedan komad odjeće koji sam sama sašila, a barem tri puta tjedno cijelu kombinaciju (haljina ili kombinacija hlača i majice). Ovih dana većinom nosim barem jednu stvar koju sam sama sašila, ali tu ipak pričamo o kontinuitetu od 31 dana. Isto ću morati uvesti haljine u igru koje obično nosim samo u ljetoj sezoni, pa će me to pogurati da ranije uđem u sezonu golih nogu.

Some of me made items I will be wearing during the challenge / neki komadi koje ću nositi za vrijeme izazova


What I did not write in the pledge but do plan to focus on is using my stash for makes I know I will wear on a daily basis and that will fill my wardrobe in the right places. I am talking about shirts, shirt dresses and jersey short sleeved tops. Trousers as well but I don’t think it is realistic I will get there in May considering my sewjo levels at the moment, so I plan to keep it simple.

I am daydreaming of Alex shirts and Alder shirtdresses in all the lovely viscose fabrics I have in my stash. I have some fabrics I bought specially for them so it is about time I start working on them.

Ono što nisam stavila u izazov, ali čemu se planiram također posvetiti je koristiti vlastitu kolekciju tkanina (da, kolekciju😊) za stvari koje ću redovno nositi i koji će popunit moju garderobu na pravim mjestima. Tu mislim na košulje, lagane haljine i džersej majice kratkih rukava. Hlače također, ali mislim da nije realno to očekivati za svibanj obzirom na trenutno stanje moje motivacije za šivanje. Zato polako i jednostavno, pa ćemo vidjeti.

Trenutno sanjarim o Alex košuljama i Alder haljinama u svim lijepim viskozama koje imam u svojoj kolekciji. Neke tkanine sam kupila posebno za te krojeve pa se nadam da ću uskoro i početi raditi na njima.

Fabrics I bought in Vietnam last month / tkanine koje sam kupila u Vijetnamu prošli mjesec


I will report back at the end of the month about how it went, if I made it work or failed miserably (hopefully not). I am looking forward to it and am ready to get all the inspiration in so my sewjo can start brewing!

Na kraju mjeseca ću pisati o tome kako je izazov prošao i jesam li uspjela ili podbacila (nadam se da će biti ovo prvo). Veselim se početku svibnja i svoj inspiraciji tako da mi motivacija za šivanje može prijeći u veću brzinu!


Thanks for reading!

Hvala na čitanju!


Vietnam handmade holiday wardrobe – PART 2 / Ručno izrađena garderoba za putovanja – DIO 2

In my last blog post I talked all about the me made tops I brought on the trip with me to Vietnam. Now let’s take a look at the bottoms.

From me mades I brought one skirt and one pair of shorts.


U zadnjem blog postu sam pričala sve o majicama koje sam napravila i nosila na put u Vijetnam. Sada ću ispričati sve o šosu i hlačama.

Od vlastitih uradaka nosila sam jedan šos i jedne kratke hlače.

me made skirt with top from the last post / šos u kombinaciji s majicom iz prethodnog posta

I made the skirt last year and it is a great travel piece. Easy to pack and does not wrinkle. Well, not a lot. The easiest skirt there is – gathered with elastic. And that green colour! It is so simple that there is really not much else to write about it. If you would be interested in a short tutorial on how to do this skirt just leave a comment bellow or send me a message.



Šos sam napravila prošle godine i pokazao se kao odličan komad za putovanja. Jednostavno ga je spakirati i ne gužva se. Mislim, ne jako. Najjednostavniji šos za napraviti – skupljen s elastikom. Toliko je jednostavan da se nema što više od ovoga napisati o njemu. Ako ste zainteresirani za mali tutorial kako napraviti ovakav šos samo ostavite dolje komentar ili pošaljite poruku.



The shorts are made from Flint pattern by Megan Nielsen. If you follow me here or on Instagram you probably already know about my love for this pattern. It was love at first sight and I can not get enough of it. I already have few fabrics ready to make more shorts before summer comes. Easy, fast and there is no zip! But there is a bow! The bow is optional but for me is more like mandatory as I just can not make a pair without it. I used fabric I got from a friend (it belonged to her grandma). It is a pale green linen and I had maybe a bit over a metre. I like the fact that you can get shorts from such small fabric piece. I see my stash getting smaller already!
And I used one of the me made ceramic buttons made in pottery class I did with my sister last year. That is always a plus in my book!


Kratke hlače sam izradila iz Flint kroja od Megan Nielsen. Ako pratite moj blog ili Instagram već ste mogli čuti o mojoj ljubavi prema ovom kroju. Bila je to ljubav na prvi pogled i ne mogu prestati šivati ga. Već imam par tkanina pripremljeno za nove hlače koje ću napraviti prije ljeta. Brzo, jednostavno i bez ciferšlusa! I sa mašnom! Mašna je samo opcija, ali za mene je obavezna jer ne mogu izraditi hlače bez nje. Tkaninu sam dobila od prijateljice (pripadala je njenoj baki). To je blijedo zeleni lan i imala sam možda malo više od metra. Sviđa mi se da se iz tako malo tkanine mogu dobiti kratke hlače. Već vidim kako mi se zalihe tkanine smanjuju!
Iskoristila sam i jedan keramički gumb koji sam sama izradila na tečaju keramike na koji sam išla sa sestrom prošle godine. To je uvijek dodatan plus!

Flint in another 100% me made holiday outfit / Flint u još jednoj u potpunosti ručno izrađenoj kombinaciji


me made clay button on a me made shorts paired with a me made top / keramički gumb na lanenim hlačama u kombinaciji s pamučnom majicom – sve sa sama izradila


I made another pair of Flints in a lightweight viscose. They were meant to be in the suitcase but they wrinkled like crazy and I just decided it would be too much to take them to only wear them once or twice. So they stayed ironed in my closet and are waiting for Croatian summer to happen so that is when I will blog about them as well, stay tuned!


Napravila sam i drugi par Flint hlača u laganoj viskoznoj tkanini. Ideja je bila da ću i njih ponijeti na put u Vijetnam, ali ipak nisam. Gužvale su se kao lude i shvatila sam da nema smisla nositi ih takve da bi ih tamo eventualno obukla dva puta. Pa su lijepo ispeglane ostale u ormaru gdje čekaju ljeto. Tada ću i pisati o njima, pa svratite pogledati!

little sneak peak of the viscose flints on the left / mali teaser za viskozne flint hlače na slici lijevo


I normally get really itchy to make and craft before going on a holiday and this time I took advantage of it and made garments I will be wearing soon when summer comes to this part of the world.


Obično me uhvati kreativa prije godišnjeg i ovaj put sam to iskoristila i napravila odjeću koju ću uskoro nositi kada ljeto dođe u ove krajeve.



A big thank you to my sister who I travelled with for being patient behind the camera :*

Puno hvala mojoj sestri s kojom sam putovala na strpljenju iza kamere :*


Thanks for reading!

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Vietnam handmade holiday wardrobe – PART 1 / Ručno izrađena putna garderoba – DIO 1

Before I did not plan my sewing and never thought of making a capsule holiday wardrobe. To make garments that can work for every day but are practical for travelling as well. Well guess what, now I do! I find this to come with more practice and experience. And it is great to have half of your suitcase packed with your me mades! Just take a deep breath when you check luggage at the airport.


Prije nisam planirala svoje šivanje i nisam planirala kapsularnu garderobu za putovanja. Da napravim komade koji su dobri za svaki dan ali i praktični za putovanja. E, pa sad to radim! Imam dojam da to dolazi s iskustvom i praksom. I odlično je imati pola kofera ispunjenog sa komadima koje sam izradiš! Samo treba duboko udahnuti kada kofer predaješ na check in na aerodromu.

End stage of sewing a sleeveless top / Završna faza šivanja majice bez rukava

I started to sew some of the garments at the beginning of February and by the end of the month I had 4 sleeveless tops and one pair of shorts. Other garments that got to travel with me were earlier makes, all knit long sleeved tops. As I was travelling to Vietnam I was all into knits, cotton and linen. What more does a girl need?
For all of them I used fabrics from my stash I had for long time. Some of them were even given to me so all in all these are the cheapest and prettiest garments I have in my wardrobe.


Počela sam šivati početkom veljače i do kraja mjeseca sam imala 4 majice i jedan par kratkih hlača. Ostale komade koji su išli na put sam napravila ranije i svi su bili džersej majice. Kako sam putovala u Vijetnam bila sam orijentirana samo na džersej, pamuk i lan. Što drugo curi treba?
Za sve sam koristila tkaninu koju sam već imala doma neko vrijeme. Neke tkanine su čak bile poklon tako da su to najjeftiniji i najljepši komadi u mom ormaru.

4 Ultimate shift tops made in February / 4 Ultimate Shift majice koje sam napravila u veljači

Let me start with the tops. I used the Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress pattern. It is a really easy and fast make and I was able to make them in a week time with full time job taking most of my day. I like the shape of a basic sleeveless top and this one is a great base for all sort of hacks you can think of. I did not get much of them into play this time but I am sure to do so with future makes. Just think of all the ruffles.
I did not have to do any adjustments to the pattern and made it as it is in size 8. If I would be doing a dress or sleeve version I think I would do the size 10 to make sure I have enough space for arm movement and hip/butt coverage 😊


Ajmo prvo krenuti s majicama. Za izradu četiri komada koristila sam Ultimate Shift Dress kroj od Sew Over It. To je jednostavan kroj i brz za izradu. Uspjela sam izraditi ova 4 komada u tjedan dana uz stalan posao koji mi oduzima većinu dana. Sviđa mi se izgled jednostavne majice bez rukava i ovaj kroj je odličan za sve preinake koje vam padaju napamet. Ovaj put ih nisam puno napravila ali svakako ću napraviti u budućim komadima. Samo zamislite sve nabore i resice.
Nisam trebala raditi nikakve prepravke na kroju i sašila sam ga kakav je u veličini 8. Ako bi radila haljinu ili majicu s rukavima vjerojatno i ga izradila u većoj veličini da osiguram dovoljno mjesta za pokret rukama i uspješno prekrijem bokove i guzove


Blue linen top / Plava lanena majica

The first one I made from blue linen fabric. I added a patch pocket on it to add more detail and hemmed the bottom hem with decorative stitch. As the fabric was plain I thought this was just the right amount of detail to make it more interesting. The pocket is not my best work but after unpicking it few times I just told myself to live with it before I kill the fabric. And I do not notice it anymore, so please pretend you don’t notice it either. 😊
The fabric was a gift from a friend (it belonged to her grandmother) and I used up all of it. It was a narrow fabric so I just about managed to fit this top.


Prva majica koju sam napravila je od plavog lana. Našila sam džep i ukrasni šav na rubu. To mi se činilo kao dovoljno detalja da top bude malo interesantniji. Džep nije moje najbolji uradak ali nakon nekoliko pokušaja odlučila sam ga prihvatiti kakav je prije nego ubijem tkaninu do kraja. A više to i ne primjećujem, pa molim vas ni vi nemojte primijetiti 😊
Tkanina je poklon od prijateljice (pripadala je njenoj baki) i upotrijebila sam sve što sam imala. Komad je bio uži od današnjeg standarda pa sam taman uspjela izraditi ovu majicu iz njega.


The second top is made from a blue floral fabric that I believe is some sort of light cotton. This fabric belonged to my grandmother and I have no idea how old it is, but older than me definitely. I previously made a skirt from it and now used up the rest of it to make this top. It will be a great full on floral outfit for summer, but can be also worn separately. I took only the top to my trip because it was lighter to pack. And it goes great with denim shorts. Or any solid shorts, really. I did not make any hacks with this one because the fabric does all the talking here so I did not want to fight.


Druga majica je izrađena iz plave cvjetne tkanine za koju mislim da je pamuk. Ova tkanina je pripadala mojoj baki i nema pojma koliko je stara ali je svakako starija od mene. Ranije sam od nje napravila suknju, a sad sam ostatak iskoristila za ovu majicu. Ljeti ću moći nositi komplet cvjetnu kombinaciju ali su oboje odlični za kombinaciju sa ostalim komadima. Na put samo ponijela samo majicu jer je nju bilo lakše spakirati. I odlično paše sa traper kratkim hlačama. Ili bilo kojim jednobojnim hlačama zapravo. Nisam radila nikakve dodatne promjene na kroju za ovu majicu jer tu tkanina ima glavnu riječ.


The third top is maybe my favourite for many reasons. I got the vespa fabric from Miss Matatabi about two or three years ago when I first started discovering online fabric shopping. As I was still new to that world and had no idea how to buy fabric online I got lost in the shop and ended with all the colourful prints in the basket. I also had no idea what fat quarters were and wondered who would buy fabric scraps online that they had the need to sell so many of them. I know, I know. So, me being careful, I decided to give them a go to see what I will get in the mail and ordered this fabric as one of 3 fat quarters. That was enough to make a top like this which was the plan from the beginning.


 Treća majica je moguće i meni najdraža iz više razloga. Vespa tkaninu sam kupila iz Miss Matatabi online dućana prije otprilike dvije ili tri godine dok sam tek počela otkrivati online šoping tkanina. Kako sam tek počela otkrivati taj svijet nisam imala dovoljno znanja za kupovinu tkanina na internetu i izgubila sam se u tom dućanu. Na kraju sam završila s masom šarenih printeva u košarici. Tada nisam znala što je quilting, što kod nas niti nije popularna aktivnost pa čak mislim da za to niti ne postoji riječ na hrvatskom (ako postoji i netko ju zna neka podijeli, hvala!). Quilting je izrada pokrivača od dva sloja tkanine koji su izrađeni od više fat quartera i imaju dekorativni dizajn. Kako nisam znala što je quilting nisam znala niti što je fat quarter (prethodno izrezan manji komad tkanine koji čini dekorativni dizajn popluna kada je sašiven) niti tko bi to kupovao da bi ovaj dućan ima potrebu prodavati toliko ostataka tkanina. Pa kako sam bila oprezna u kupovini materijala odlučila sam kupiti 3 fat quartera da vidim što ću dobiti u poštanski sandučić po pitanju kvalitete tkanine. 

wrinkles were a ‘in’ by the end of the trip / neispeglanost je bila ‘in’ do kraja putovanja

I only just gotten around to making it two to three years later. I did not have enough to make both front and back of the bodice so I bought black linen fabric for the back piece. And I love the result and the fact I used up the fat quarter finally. I made a high low hem. More from necessity as the fat quarter means short top, but I like the end result. It is great to wear with high waisted shorts or skirts.
Another reason why I was so pumped to make it for this trip is because Vietnam is the country of motorcycles. There is so many of them and no photo can capture it as when you get there and try to cross the street. I tried to get a photo with them but it just looks nothing like the real thing.


Tek sam tri godine kasnije i izradila tu majicu. Nisam imala dovoljno materijala za prednju i stražnju stranu majice pa sam za stražnju stranu kupila crni lan. Sviđa mi se kako izgleda u toj kombinaciji tkanina i da sam napokon iskoristila taj fat quarter. Odličan je za kombinirati sa hlačama i šosevima visokog struka. Drugi razlog zašto sam bila toliko fokusirana napraviti ju za ovaj put je to što je Vijetnam zemlja motora. Ima ih toliko posvuda i fotografija to ne može dočarati. Ne kao kada ste tamo i pokušavate prijeći cestu. Pokušala sam sa slikanjem uz cestu ali to jednostavno ne izgleda kao prava stvar.

What did I tell you about it not looking as good in photos as in real life (I mean, where are all the motorcycles??)?

Što sam vam rekla o tome da slike nisu ni upola dobre kao prava stvar (gdje su svi motori??)?


The forth top from the first picture did not make it to the trip because I felt the print would clash with other separates and girl has to stick to her capsule wardrobe. And pack light so she has enough space left for fabric shopping. Priorities. And that one was made again from two fat quarters from Miss Matatabi fabric shop.


Četvrta majica koju možete vidjeti na prvoj slici nije išla na put. Mislila sam da se print neće uklopiti u ostatak garderobe, a cura se mora držati svojih planova o kapsularnoj garderobi. I lagano pakirati jer je trebalo ostati dovoljno prostora u torbi za šoping tkanina. Prioriteti. Ali i ta majica je izrađena iz dva komada za quilting iz Miss Matatabi online dućana.

Other tops I brought to the trip were all knit tops. I did not get to photograph all of them in action, but they were as follows: two Molly tops by Sew Over It, Agnes top by Tilly and the Buttons and sweatshirt pattern from Burda Style magazine issue 1/2017. You can’t go wrong with knits for travelling. Comfort is everything when you go on a 6 hour flight or overnight train. These are all great patterns that are easy to make. They are also great stash busting projects and you can make some of them from as little as 1 meter of fabric.


Ostale majice koje sam spakirala za put su sve od reda od džerseja. Nisam ih uspjela sve uslikati u akciji, ali redom to su bile: dvije Molly majice od Sew Over It, Agnes majica od Tilly and the Buttons i džemper iz Burda Style časopisa broj 1/2017. Ne možete pogriješiti s džersej majicama za putovanje. Udobnost je bitna kada idete na let u trajanju 6 sati ili noćni vlak. Ovo su sve odlični krojevi koje je jako lako i brzo pretvoriti u odjevne predmete. Također su jako dobri za iskoristiti sve one ostatke materijala od ranijih projekata koji vam stoje negdje u sobi jer ih možete izraditi od svega 1 metra tkanine.

Burda Style sweatshirt from issue 1/2017 / majica iz Burde br 1/2017
Molly top no 1
Molly top no 2 (impossible to photograph) / (nemoguće je uspješno fotografirati crnu majicu)

In the next post I will share my bottoms that got to go to Vietnam with me so stay tuned until next week.


U idućem postu ću pisati o ostalim komadima koji su išli sa mnom na put u Vijetnam, pa svratite opet idući tjedan.

Thanks for reading!

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TNT patterns for the win / Pobjeda TNT krojeva

Do you have tried and true patterns (TNT)? When I started sewing I did not have them and I could not imagine making one pattern more than once. There is so many of them and I only had my Burdas at that time and had no idea of the Indie scene out there. So many patterns, so many fabrics and so little time. And to waist it on the same pattern twice, madness.
But with time I saw my wishes, sewing practice and planning of my makes change. And for the better. Now I make a pattern more than once. 4 or 5 times in fact with some of them. I now see the beauty in finding a pattern that fits great and then playing with it to make hacks or simply use a different fabric to get a completely different garment. Fabric is a powerful tool, don’t you think?


Imate li vi isprobane krojeve za koje znate da su vam dobri (eng. tried and true – TNT). Kada sam počela šivati nisam imala takve krojeve i nisam niti mogla zamisliti sašiti isti kroj više puta. Ima toliko puno krojeva, a u početku sam znala samo za krojeve u Burda časopisu (za Indie nisam imala pojma). Toliko puno krojeva, toliko puno materijala, a tako malo vremena. I potratiti to vrijeme na isti kroj više puta, čista ludost.
Ali s vremenom sam primijetila da su se želje, moja praksa šivanja i planiranje uradaka promijenili. Na bolje. Sada pojedine krojeve izradim više puta. Neke čak 4 ili 5 puta. Shvatila sam ljepotu u pronalasku kroja koji vam dobro stoji i s kojim se možete igrati i mijenjati ga da bi dobili slične, ali različite odjevne predmete. Samo upotrebom drugačije tkanine možete dobiti u potpunosti različiti komad odjeće. Tkanina je moćno oružje, slažete se?




And it was only recently that I started making one pattern in more versions. I believe the first pattern I made for the second time was the Flint pattern by Megan Nielsen blogged here. I loved it so much and I could see it in all different fabrics and colours. So I made two versions and now I am in process of batch sewing two new pairs (one of which will be shorts, how exciting!).


Relativno nedavno sam počela koristiti isti kroj više puta. Mislim da je prvi takav kroj bio Flint kroj za hlače od Megan Nielsen o kojem sam već pisala ovdje. Bio mi je super i mogla sam ga vidjeti u svim tkaninama i bojama. Do sada sam napravila dvije verzije, a trenutno sam u fazi izrade dva nova para (od kojih će jedne biti krate hlače za ljeto, kako uzbudljivo!).


Flint dance / Flint ples



Another TNT pattern is the Ultimate Shift dress by Sew Over It. I have not made the dress version yet but I made 5 tops. One long sleeved for winter and 4 sleeveless for summer. I love how simple they are but so essential for my wardrobe. The crisp and straight lines make it a blank page for your fabrics to do all the work. And I have about 4 dress ideas and hacks I want to try so this one could easy become my most made pattern over time.


Drugi TNT kroj je Ultimate shift kroj za haljinu od Sew Over It. Nisam izradila još niti jednu haljinu ali sam napravila 5 majica. Jednu s dugim rukavima za zimu i 4 bez rukava za ljeto. Sviđa mi se jednostavnost kroja koji je ujedno toliko značajan u mojoj garderobi. Jasne ravne linije od kroja čine prazan list papira koji lako pofarbate tkaninom i nju prepustite da ona odradi sav ‘posao’. Za izradu haljina imam barem 4 ideje kako ju doraditi i učiniti drugačijom pa vjerujem da će mi uskoro ovo lako ostati najkorišteniji kroj.


Ultimate top for ultimate comfort / Ultimativna majica za ultimativni komfor


Sewing with knits was a big discovery for me. Most of the patterns I have for knits become TNT patterns because they are the staples in my wardrobe. The first knit patterns is used were Paola turtleneck by Named Patterns (blogged here), Agnes top by Tilly and the Buttons and Molly top by Sew Over It. All three patterns are easy and fast to make and they are now occupying one whole shelve in my closet. I have 3 Paolas, 3 Molly tops and 1 Moll dress, 4 Agnes tops and 1 Agnes dress. And these are some of my makes I wear the most because they are comfortable and are a great base you can easily dress up with other separates.


Šivanje s rastezljivim tkaninama je za mene bilo veliko otkriće. Većina krojeva koje imam su postali TNT krojevi jer su ti komadi baza moje garderobe. Prvi krojevi s kojima sam radila bili su Paola dolčevita od Named Patterns (više o tome možete pročitati ovdje), Agnes majica od Tilly and the Buttons i Molly majica od Sew Over It. Sva tri kroja su jednostavna i brza za izradu i sada zauzimaju čitavu policu u mojem ormaru. Trenutno imam 3 Paole, 3 Molly majice i 1 Molly haljinu, 4 Agnes majice i 1 Agnes haljinu. To su ujedno i komadi koje najčešće nosim jer su ugodni i jako ih je lako kombinirati s ostalim komadima iz garderobe.


Paolas – pattern by Named Clothing / kroj od Named Clothing
Mollys – pattern by Sew Over It / kroj od Sew Over It
Agneses – pattern by Tilly and the Buttons / kroj od Tilly and the Buttons



Another knit garment I made is the Burda style sweatshirt from the January issue from 2017. I started sewing with Burda but gave up on it when I discovered Indie patterns companies. I find it hard to nail the fit with their patterns and was frustrated with their lack of instructions (and do not get me started on the fact that the Burda we get in Croatia is in German!). Indie pattern companies hold your hand through the whole process and therefore, in general, are easier to fit. So I stuck with them for a while but now that I know more and am more confident in my sewing skills I am slowly easing my self in Burda empire once again. I decided to start with a sweatshirt pattern as this seams the easiest considering it is not fitted and is a fast make. I had to work on it but I got there and I now have two sweatshirts I am really happy with so I am confident this will be one of the top TNT patterns in the future.


Dodatan kroj za džersej tkanine je iz Burda časopisa iz siječnja 2017 godine. U početku sam šivala samo po Burdinim krojevima ali sam na neko vrijeme ruke od njih kada sam otkrila Indie firme. Imam problema prilagoditi Burdine krojeve i naći dobru veličinu i njihove šture upute za sastavljanje kroja su me dovodile do ludila (da ne spominjem kako su naše Burde na njemačkom jeziku). Indie firme vas drže a ruku kroz cijeli proces i zbog toga je sve nekako lakše. Tako da sam se držala Indie krojeva neko vrijeme, ali sada kada znam puno više i imam više sigurnosti u svoje znanje polako se vraćam Burdinom kraljevstvu krojeva. Odlučila sam početi s nečim laganim i učinilo mi se da bi kroj za opuštenu vestu bio idealan. Trebala sam malo raditi na veličini ali došla sam do kraja i sada imam dvije veste s kojima sam jako zadovoljna. Sigurna sam da će s vremenom ovaj kroj biti pri vrhu TNT krojeva na mojoj listi.


Burda sweatshirt / Burda vesta


There are a lot of other patterns I already made and plan to make again because I like the fit and design so with time there will be an ever growing list of TNT patterns. But I think this is a good thing and it sets you on a path of no fail. There is nothing to not love about that.
Do you have any TNT patterns? I would love to know and maybe get more of them on my list of happy makes.


Ima još jako puno krojeva koje sam već izradila i planiram ih izraditi opet jer mi dobro pristaju i sviđa mi se dizajn. Tako da će s vremenom biti više krojeva na ovoj listi koja će, sigurna sam, biti sve duža i duža. Ali mislim da je to dobro jer vas vodi na put bez neuspjeha. Nema ništa što mi se kod toga ne može svidjeti.
Imate li vi svoje TNT krojeve? Voljela bi čuti i možda dodati neki na svoju istu sretnih uradaka.


Thank you for reading!

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